Monday, November 05, 2012

Much Love Monday {Hello, November}

Monday always sneaks up on me these days. I think it's because I used to have Mondays off, so Sunday night was never a big deal. Now, every weekend flies by, and I find myself having a mini panic-attack when I realize it's time to go back to work and I haven't accomplished every little thing I'd wanted to on Saturday and Sunday. Like getting my report card template made up! This week, I swear...

Anyway, never mind me stressing. How about a list of things I love this first Monday in November? It's been ages since I've done a Much Love Monday post. So, here goes:

  • A big pot of red lentil soup
  • The sound of the rain outside while I sit inside by the fire
  • The Distant Hours, by Kate Morton
  • Planning a skating/hot chocolate field trip for my class
  • Finally renting out our suite {fingers crossed}
  • Investing in loads of twinkle lights for my classroom {'tis almost the season!}
  • The never-ending autumn leaves
  • The She & Him Christmas album {I confess, I may have listened to it once or twice in the past few days}
  • Reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban to the boys- I love that it's all brand new to them still
  • The red cups at Starbucks {the last few purchased with the $10 gift card that Alli so sweetly sent me last weekend!}
  • Season 2 of Downton Abbey- I love it even more than the first!

What are you loving this Monday?

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  1. i love to sit by my windowpane when it's raining outside :)

    now that i'm not in school anymore, i don't have issue with Monday. one of the advantages as a freelancer ;)

  2. LOVE the She and Him Christmas album! One of my faves! ~Stephanie

  3. Love Much Love Monday posts! Made me miss blogging for second there ;) The weekend did indeed disappear far too quickly and I never got to catch up with you. This week I promise before we head south for a while.
    This Monday I love that my little chap is now trying to stand up on his own - oh the fun to be had!

    1. Just for a minute? I need to work harder on this... ;~)

      I love that Sam is trying to stand on his own. Wait till he starts running!

      Looking forward to our skype date before your holiday.

  4. Great list! Much Love Mondays make me happy! :)

  5. I always have a mini stress attack on Sunday nights so I know how you feel. I think it's time for my fairy lights to be turned on.
    I love the She & Him album and I'm sure it will be getting a play soon. As for Downton Abbey this current season is so good too. So you guys are up to Prisoner of Azkaban?! Love it.

    1. This is why you and I are kindred spirits, Gracie! It's like we're the same person, just on opposite sides of the globe.

      What were we reading when you were here? Were we onto The Chamber of Secrets yet?

      Must finish my letter to you soon! Perhaps today, as the boys and I are home from school {sick day}...


  6. I am reading The Distant Hours too ! I love it, a little too much, as things around my house are not getting done as I sneak every minute I can to read it.

    1. Have you read The Forgotten Garden, too, Allison? It is ah-mazing!

      I've got The Secret Keeper on my Christmas wish list...


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