Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy things with which to end the week

* The red cups are back! It's practically Christmas time! This calls for a gingerbread latté, non?

* Micaela's just announced her 4th annual Christmas ornament swap! I've signed up already, of course. I've played along every year, and have had so much fun. I still remember my first Christmas parcel from Micaela herself {lucky me to get paired up with the girl who organized the swap in the first place!} and how excited I was to open it. Can't wait to see who I get paired up with this year! You should join in and sign up, too {you have until Nov. 12th} ... maybe we'll be partners. I'll send something lovely, I promise :)

Aaand... it's the weekend. That's good enough for me! I plan to sleep in, make a nice breakfast for my three boys, catch up on some Downton Abbey,  skype with my best friend who's back in France {pfft, France... why does it have to be so freaking far away?} and maybe draw up my Christmas card list. Keeping things simple and relaxing after a long and crazy week. How about you? What are you up to, this first weekend in November?


  1. i love the x-mas decor on Starbucks too!!!
    nice breakfast and some sleeping in saturday sounds divine to me. have a great saturday

  2. Now I have taken down birthday decorations I am even more desperate to crack open those boxes of Christmas ones! Sure if I did I would have someone taking them down behind me though!
    Plans for this weekend are a little more relaxed than last, roast pork on Sunday and lots of list making for next weekends travels. Oh and hopefully a catch up with you dear xx

  3. thank-you for posting about the ornament exchange! (i've had some sign-ups, thanks to you) <3
    i can't imagine my life without you in it and i owe it all to the exchange which is why this swap is dear to my heart. and YES! whoever gets you will be so lucky.

    we've been enjoying my in-laws this week and it's crazy how fast time goes (they leave tomorrow). i mean felix will be 2 MONTHS on monday! and i'm off to my doctor's appointment... wish me luck! xoxo

  4. the other day i had my first gb latte [half-sweet!] of the season and thought of you. :) i can't believe i missed the exchange this year. :(


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