Monday, September 24, 2012

Much Love Monday {autumn begins}

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." - Emily Bronte

It's fall! And because I love this season {and also because I didn't manage to take very many good photos this weekend}, I'm skipping Scenes from the Weekend and bringing back Much Love Monday this week instead. I'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic about Mondays this year, now that I no longer have them off. But in the interest of keeping a positive attitude, here's a list of the things I'm loving this Monday. The first workday of the week isn't so bad, really:
  • The changing of the leaves on the trees in our neighbourhood. I especially love the vibrant red of the maples.
  • Freshly cut and stacked firewood. Still not ready to light a fire in the woodstove, but it's good to know we're prepared for the eventuality.
  • Downton Abbey. Am way back in Season 1, but am really rather loving it.
  • Roasted squash and sweet potatoes with garlic. How very autumnal.
  • I've booked a field trip to the pumpkin patch for my class. There's going to be a hay ride! Awesome.
  • I love how excited my boys get about going to Beavers. They get their Beaver Tails tonight and they're pretty pumped.
  • Run for the Cure is this coming Sunday. I've raised $475 so far {just $25 from my goal!}, and my team has raised several thousand dollars. I'm pretty proud of that. Even if I do have to wear a t-shirt that says "The Fun Bags" on it :) Thanks so much to all of you who have donated. I'm so lucky to have such generous friends.
  • Have I mentioned my deep and abiding love for the pumpkin spice latté? I thought so.
  • Have you seen Micaela's beautiful baby girl? Enough said.
  • Next week, Em is coming to Canada! And the week after that, she'll be here in Victoria with me!!! 17 months is way too long to go without seeing your best friend. Thank goodness there are just 17 days left now until we're together again!
Happy Monday to you. Fingers crossed for a fabulous week.

pretty autumn leaf via here


  1. I can definitely imagine that Mondays are tougher now that they equal work. Today I am loving new projects that I have in mind, that its nearly time to plant tomatoes and that I dont have to wear stockings anymore.

    1. Aah, yes, springtime in Australia! Enjoy your sun and heat. We're gearing up for the chilly nights here by stocking up on firewood! And I'm in a soup-making mood.

  2. Your post was perfect encouragement to kick the Monday blues. Isn't Downton Abbey the best? Maggie Smith rocks. Have a wonderful week, dear friend.

    1. Thanks, Marcia! If only I'd been able to kick them myself!

      Love Downton Abbey. Maggie Smith totally rocks.

  3. Smiled to see the return of Much Love Monday - love your list posts as they encourage me to turn positive thoughts.
    Do your boys have to wear the scarf with a woggle for Beavers? Memories of fastening those for my brother take me back.
    Can't wait to see more uniform pics of them both.
    Hope your week is a fabulous one and perhaps not quite so exhausting as you settle into your new routine.

    1. And I smiled to see the return of comments from Cassie!
      I'll be sure to post some photos of the boys with their beaver tails and "necker" scarves v. soon.

  4. oh delicious fall!!! K-cups makes these pumpkin spice ones and though they're not starbucks-- they've been such a treat every morning. Someday, we'll get to enjoy our fave together-- i must visit during the fall because how i miss the changing of leaves! you def. don't get to see that here in El Paso.

    congrats to the boys and their beaver tails :)

    SO SWEET of you to mention my baby girl. we just adore you!!! <3

    now it's JUST THIRTEEN DAYS til Em and E! whooooo



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