Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When Alan and I went out for dinner last week, I brought my camera {of course}. Downtown Victoria is awfully photogenic, don't you think? I love it, with its old buildings, flowers everywhere and its beautiful harbour.

Before we had kids, I used to hang out downtown all the time. I'd go to the Papery and stock up on pretty stationery, peruse the books at Munro's for hours, get tea and biscotti at Murchies, and wander around the harbour for ages. And then I'd walk home along the West Bay Walkway. Now we live in Langford, a 30 minute drive from downtown. And I've got those kids who aren't so keen on the pretty paper and cups of tea. So I don't go as often. But when I do, my heart feels light and happy and I'm so glad to be back. Even if it did take me ages to find a parking spot.

 Maritime Museum in Bastion Square

 Lovely lamp post

 My favourite building downtown is this pink one

 The causeway and the Empress Hotel

Boats in the Inner Harbour, and the Parliament Buildings beyond

Gardens at the Empress

Another beautiful old building, and an arbutus tree

My blogging friend, Gracie, will be here in Victoria in a little over two weeks. I can't wait to show her around my beautiful town!


  1. Yep, it's one of the loveliest cities I know! We were perusing books at Munro's too before our dinner date at Ferris'!!

    Love the new photo header!

  2. Hello - love the new look! Dad was at the car show this past weekend with his El Camino - says he saw you looking around.
    I always recommend people go see Victoria if they haven't it is sooooo beautiful and the ferry ride is a beautiful way to start - from this side of course!
    See you soon K

    1. Thanks, Kelly! I thought it was time for a change...

      I saw your dad at the car show! We had a nice chat. Mostly about you coming to visit soon!

      The ferry ride is lovely, and the view of the mountains as you drive into the city is pretty fab. You'll be seeing it next week! Hurrah!

  3. Victoria look beautiful. I may have to update my trave bucket list post!

    Have a great week!

    1. I think you should definitely add Victoria to your travel bucket list! You won't regret a visit to this beautiful city :)

  4. Oh my gosh it is absolutely beautiful! It makes me want to start planning a trip to Canada. You and Gracie will have such a fabulous time, I am a little jealous.

    1. Thanks, Megan! I'm quite partial to my hometown. I hope one day you will plan a trip to Canada... would love to meet up!

      Super excited for Gracie's visit. Cassie is pretty jealous, too :)


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