Monday, August 13, 2012

12 on the 12th

01. My dad's car
02. Alan teaches Dylan how to play chess
03. Remember when A&W used to bring your food to the car and attach the tray to the window? I loved that.
04. Awesome old bike
05. Hanging basket and Classic Cruise sign
06. Sawyer practices driving
07. Cool blue ride
08. Monopoly money
09. Beautiful bloom
10. Bob
11. Sawyer loves soft serve
12. Red & white interior of Dad's car

The 12th of August was a hot, hot day. We spent most of it outside at the Classic Car show, and the rest of it inside playing board games and watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics.

Today is a completely different day. The weekend is over and I've got a great big to-do list. I've washed the front windows, brought in and put away a load of laundry, deadheaded the flowers in the front bed and the hanging baskets, vacuumed the living room, made lunches for the week. The boys have been driving me crazy. Like I want to scream "Would you two shut the hell up!" kind of crazy {don't worry, I didn't do it}. I guess they're feeling cooped up. Maybe it's time I took them outside. Blackberry picking, here we come.


  1. We love to go to car shows! How FUN!
    I want to come blackberry picking ;) Perfect summer activity!

    1. I know. Nothing beats a big bucket of FREE blackberries. Except maybe a homemade blackberry pie!


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