Friday, July 13, 2012

On the road again...

We're all very excited over here! The bags are packed and everything is loaded in the van and ready to go {seriously. everything.} At 6 a.m., we'll be on our way to the ferry, and hopefully we'll have arrived at our destination by around five o'clock. It'll be a long day of travelling, but we'll make some stops along the way {hello, Starbucks!} and the boys tend to be very enthusiastic road-trippers.

I can't wait to get away for nine lovely days. Am planning to soak up the sun {in floppy hat and slathered in sunscreen, of course}, read a ton of books, swim in the lake, and thoroughly enjoy every single second. The cabin has wi-fi, but I'm not sure how often I'll be online. I might be too busy feeling relaxed and fabulous to open up the laptop! I'll let you know...

Until then, have a wonderful week!
E xo

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  1. i hope you have a wonderful time, we are also going on a trip today in our home on wheels for 10 days and i willl be reading and drinking pimms in the sun hopefully! ha!
    btw i havent managed to post your Kirstie love yet sorry :( it will be one of my first jobs when we get back :) x

  2. Enjoy your trip! I sent you a little something in the mail today. It should take about 10 business days to get there. :)


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