Monday, July 16, 2012

NYC: Living the high life

While I'm on holiday in the woods by the lake, I've got a few posts scheduled about a different holiday of mine... the trip I took to New York City in March. I can't believe it's been 4 months already since I was there. It's all so clear in my mind, every fabulous little detail!

NYC is known {among other things} for its glamour, and we managed to have a teeny taste of it in our five days there with trips to Tiffany & Co. and the Plaza Hotel.

Tiffany's on the corner of 5th Avenue

Elevators that look like bank vaults

A few little trinkets I indulged in {truth be told, only one of those bags is mine...}

Further up 5th Avenue is the Plaza Hotel

The front entrance is fancy {and we totally recognized it from Home Alone!}

The lobby is too!

My mom took us for drinks in the tea lobby. I could get used to this...

I bought myself a pendant from Tiffany's and kept it in the little blue box for days. Doesn't every girl dream of having one of these?

My current vacation may not be as exciting as the one I spent in NYC {and it is certainly not fancy}, but it's just what I need after a long, stressful couple of months. Sorrento is gorgeous. And a hot, sunny summer holiday where my boys are free to run and play all day, where Alan can finally take a break and have some downtime from his crazy work schedule {and constant list of projects in and around the house} and I can sit by the lake and read books for hours on end? One where every meal is provided and the kids are in summer camp 4 1/2 hours a day? Sounds pretty perfect to me! As for New York, I will definitely be back one day {tied in first place with London for my favourite city in the world}. In the meantime, I've got more photos to share throughout the week... Stay tuned!


  1. When I hear the name "The Plaza" I always think of Bride Wars (the movie with Kate Hudson and Ann Hathaway)I never been to New York, hopefully one day! You sound like your having a blast on your vacation. keep us posted! I love reading your posts:)

  2. Love the photo of you with the Tiffany bags! They're like tiny little treasures.

  3. I have one Tiffany item (my husband gave me a key pendant for our last anniversary). The bags and the box are a huge part of the present. I kept both of them in my treasure box. I love all the pictures you posted! It's obvious you had an amazing time... How is Sorrento? Have a fantastic weekend!


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