Friday, July 06, 2012

Happy things with which to end the week

Seeing this movie tonight with my friend, Sheila. It was wonderful. I'm still smiling. Have you seen it? I have to insist that you do!

Such an amazing cast...

It's summer vacation and the weather is perfect. Nothing but sunshine in the forecast for the forseeable future! This calls for a picnic. A 5th birthday party picnic on Sunday as a matter of fact! Someone is very excited... {you would be, too, if you had a dinosaur pinata!}

via here

An unexpected letter in the mail yesterday from my sweet friend Kim, and this gorgeous coffee cozy! Isn't she talented? My chai tea lattes just got that much better.

Finding The Paris Wife at the library today. I've been wanting to read it for ages.

Hope your week is ending on a happy note, and that you have plenty of fun plans for the weekend. I'll be icing cupcakes, stuffing a pinata, and making my list of thing to pack for Sorrento! 6 days until we head for our cabin by the lake. Hurrah!


  1. Happy Weekend Erin! The Paris Wife does not disappoint -- please let me know when you're done with it so I can tell you about my thoughts on the ending! :)

  2. How was the party? The Paris Wife is great! I read it after I watched Midnight in Paris.

  3. aw, yay! i'm glad you got my package. i know it's not the most practical summer gift, but i knew you had to have it. :) xoxo


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