Sunday, July 08, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

Sawyer was wide awake Saturday night, full of giddy anticipation for his Sunday morning birthday party. And rightly so. It was a pretty fab party. See for yourself.

 We got to the park before anyone else, so I did a bit of decorating

 Sawyer brought his light sabre, of course

 We had lots of tasty treats, including dinosaur cupcakes

 Everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday

 Gearing up to blow out his candle and make a wish {I love this photo}

 I think Mikayla wins for most stylish partygoer, don't you?

 Kids with cupcakes

 Isabel and Dylan with rosy cheeks and cupcakes

I love how they all lined up on the top step of the gazebo

"It's exactly what I wanted!"

The party was exactly what he wanted, too. His favourite friends, plenty of snacks, some fabulous presents, and a beautiful sunny day at the park. I love that I had a summertime baby... {and I can't believe that my baby is now 5 years old!}

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  1. happy birthday sawyer! looks like it was an absolutely perfect day.


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