Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Farewell to kindergarten

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This is it. The last week of school! There are just three days left of classes now, and then Friday is the Admin Day, dedicated to meetings and filing papers and packing up and moving classrooms {It's also my baby's 5th birthday on Friday! I can hardly believe it}. After that, we're done and the holidays will have begun!

Tomorrow is Fun Day, an outdoor extravaganza, complete with your typical "sports day" activities- obstacle courses, egg & spoon races, tug o'war... it will be fun for sure. And no doubt it will be exhausting, too! The day after that is the last day of school, which will involve packing up kids' desks, watching the year-end slide show in the gym and getting all emotional, and the giving and receiving of cards and gifts. We're going to watch a movie in the afternoon and eat ice cream cones too. 

And today? Today might just be the most important one of all. It's the day of our "Farewell to kindergarten" celebration. The kids have come a long way this year, and we're very proud of them. Their moms and dads will be, too. Our class and the one next door have been practicing a dance and several songs that they're going to perform for their parents in the gym. Then we'll go outside to celebrate with certificates and lemonade and plenty of treats. And oh yeah {sshh! it's a surprise}... but we've also booked a bouncy castle!

I love my job.

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  1. That all sounds lovely!
    Have a great summer hols when it arrives and I hope the weathr perks up for you.
    Rain here pretty much non-stop in Manchester and 4 weeks of school to go!


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