Monday, June 25, 2012

Scenes from the weekend

Friday night was my {rained-out} golf tournament/staff party. We still had fun and laughed a lot, despite the fact that we didn't get to play and we were in the grottiest little pub ever. I came home and got cozy by the fire {not. even. kidding} with a cup of tea and a big blanket {umm, hello, June? where are you?} and spent the rest of the night watching Veep. Saturday was the preschool picnic, our very last one, and the rain stopped long enough for us to picnic in the sunshine. I thought I'd be nostalgic and maybe even cry a bit {my baby's not a preschooler anymore!}, but I was too busy visiting with friends and watching the boys eat, play and get their faces painted. The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent in the garden, as you can see...

They call this place a "country club"? 

 Cuter than the Cullens

Look at those long lashes!

 How do you like them apples? :)

 Peas in the pod

Candy tuft

Sunday morning Lego session

 Raised beds full of strawberries, pumpkins, tomatoes & more

I love my hanging baskets

 Sweet Williams from sweet Cassie

Lavender reminds me of France 

How was your weekend? Can you believe it was the last one in June? This coming Sunday, it will be July! And it will be Canada Day! Bring it on, summer. I'm ready for you. No, really. I mean it. I've been waiting for ages. I've got the sunscreen and beach towels and picnic basket all ready to go. Just say the word {and deliver some sunshine, blue skies and heat!!!} and I'm all yours...

PS: I've got four days left of work. This is going to be one heck of a crazy week...

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