Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"I've been doing a lot of thinking, and the thing is... I love you"

My friend Cass sent me the link to this and I just had to share. The still-frame does not do it justice. Believe me, it's a must watch! Are some of your favourite movies in there? Mine are. A whole bunch of 'em. Even It's a Wonderful Life! Happy Valentine's Day, one more time.

E xo


  1. "i love you more than anyone's ever loved a rabbit." now that's love. :) seriously though, LOVE "when harry met sally," "wall-e," and "the princess bride."

  2. Love this! I love that it included "You had me at hello". Love that line. I gave you a shout out (with a back link) tonight. I want all my friends to see the cool Hollywood Montage to love. :)
    Thanks for all the happy things you share.

  3. I know! ... isn't that still frame shot just so random!?!? :)

    I KNEW you'd love it and love it alot!


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