Wednesday, February 15, 2012

E & me {Valentines}

Yesterday was Valentine's Day as you know, and Em and I needed an idea for today's E & me photo collage. We're very last minute lately. Anyway, it just made sense to snap a photo of a few of the pretty cards we received to share with you today.

And so, a Valentine cards collage it is! 

Care to guess who received which cards {some in the post, and others hand-delivered}? 

One of the cards you see above was sent by one of us to the other, if that helps...

In other news, February is now more than half over. Woot! Come on, March, with your cherry blossoms, longer, lighter days and... a trip to New York City!!!

1 comment:

  1. I actually can't figure it out. Maybe yours is the left? I'm so bad at guessing things like that.

    I'm glad I get to make a stop in Canada. It's a shame it's not closer to you but I have family in Toronto.

    Yay for New York!


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