Friday, February 17, 2012

Happy things to end the week with

Hello, friends. Happy Friday. Here's my list of happy things at the end of a crazy busy week.

* I don't tend to spend much time on tumblr anymore {Pinterest is so much easier to organize}, but last night I had a marvellous time scrolling through all the pretty pictures and adding some to J'adore. Here's one of them:

{Flowers for your Friday... it's just like old times!}

* It's a pro-d day today. I love a little change in routine every now and then, especially when it means I can sleep in a bit. And it's amazing how much you can accomplish when there aren't any kids in the school!

inspired by this alphabet art

* Making plans for NYC. Wheee!

hello, Central Park...

* I finally signed up for Netflix. What fab movie will I watch next, I wonder? {any suggestions? I'd love to hear}

I can't stop thinking about Ferris Bueller {those Super Bowl ads were too awesome}

* I've been running regularly {going longer and farther all the time} and have now pre-registered for the 2012 Run for the Cure, which I intend to run {hard} the whole way. Take that cancer, you stupid bastard.

Me, post-run, 2009

* Rumour has it that there are cherry blossoms on Oak Bay Avenue. Be still, my beating heart.

pretty pink blooms via here

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday, full of little things that make you happy, too. Any big plans for the weekend? I'll be running the show at our preschool open house/registration day, catching up on laundry {ugh, always with the laundry!} and tackling the dust bunnies under the beds. Good times. Hoping to make some homemade pizza, too, and curl up on the couch with Alan {and a glass of wine} while we watch a few episodes of Fringe... 

Like I said, it's the little things.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. We watched a few movies on instant Netflix last weekend, though none that I would recommend. But if you have time, Downton Abbey is a must! Enjoy your weekend : )

  2. I would love to have something like Netflix but then we usually watch a whole lot of TV shows and not as many movies. Well done on running more and getting involved with the Run for a Cure. Jason participates in something similar called Bridge to Brisbane. :)

  3. hooray for ferris bueller! seriously those commercials are hilarious. : ) and that is one of my all time favorite movies. for sure!

    way to go on running! you are superwoman!!

  4. Oh I am so proud of your running efforts, I go running twice and than dont keep going, so naughty. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Love that the time is disappearing for you quickly now till your New York trip - it has suddenly gone so fast. I enjoyed spotting you back on Tumblr as well this week - lovely to see you back. Hoping to squeeze in a chat into that busy weekend of yours too.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. Run... then relax, rinse & repeat, OK?

    As for my weekend plans, Liz has arrived in France (so exciting!) & tomorrow she & I will lounge around all morning, then go for a walk by the lake & into the old town. I love showing people around Annecy for the first time, because they go all weak in the knees & swoon like crazy. You'll do the same... one day soon, I hope!

    XOXO and bon week-end to you & the boys!

  7. such lovely things to make one happy! (reminds me, i haven't made homemade pizza in ages! must fix that)

    yay for netflix!!! one of the films i watched ages ago and loved was one called "peter and vandy." i thought it was such a great portrayal of a "real" relationship and loved the way they set it up-- you should def. give it a try on your next couch date and let me know what you think! :)

    hurray for you singing up for the race for the cure! yes, TAKE THAT cancer!


  8. Love the alphabet project. By the way, which dates are you in NY again? I'm going to be away for spring break but am hoping at least one day overlaps while you're here and I'm here!

  9. Kayla- I'll be in NYC March 21st to 26th. Do those dates conflict with yours? Brandi and I were thinking we could meet up for brunch on the weekend {either Sat 24th or Sun 25th, not sure which yet}... Hope we can! How fun would that be!?


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