Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Advent Window- December 6th

I love these bright red and green stockings and the felted ball garland. Stockings on the mantle piece make a house so festive, don't they? We don't hang ours until Christmas Eve, though, just in time for Santa. How about you?

via pinterest


  1. I have never had a stocking but have had the same santa bag my whole life, mum still fills it up on christmas day - such a novelty even though I am 23.

  2. Our Christmas stockings are up on the mantle piece, Christmas tree decorated and my 4 new HUGE paper snowflakes are making the living room look very festive. The 3 of us have a stocking every year although when I was a child we simply had a pillow case at the end of our bed which Santa filled (cos I know it wasn't my folks!)

  3. I've never had a stocking in my life, I don't remember any of my friends or relatives having them when we were young either - so I guess I didn't feel I was missing anything.


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