Monday, December 05, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

This weekend, we were busy getting festive. Well, to be more precise... staying up late, sleeping in, and getting festive. We made a huge dent in our Christmas shopping, got some more things sent off in the mail, put up more lights and decorations, and spent an evening downtown watching the lighted trucks parade. It was lovely.

Making paper chains {thanks, Nanny!}

Our gorgeous new advent calendar {thanks to Nanny for this, too! didn't she do a fabulous job?}

 What's in today's pocket? I hope it's chocolate...

 Langford's "Main Street"

 At the chocolate shop

 Sawyer can't resist getting a close-up look at the chocolate Santas

 More cards to mail!

 The Lighted Trucks parade downtown on Saturday night {Micaela! See the cafe across the street?}

 Toys + books = best shop ever

 Dylan made his own laptop computer! Check out the name of that website :)

 Skyping with Nanny is always fun

Sunday night at Starbucks {the boys adore our friend Kristina}

How was your weekend? Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas where you are? I hope so! We could all use some more twinkle in our lives, right?


  1. looks like fun! I havent got my tree up and i feel like the only person in blogland who hasn't!
    I've just noticed our Etsy shop over there on the right! I didnt know you had one...i'm off to have a look around!!

  2. LOVE IT. Hehe...I can't stop giggling about that. How sweet. :)

  3. such a lovely weekend! love the laptop and lighted truck!

  4. awwwww!!! i love all the festive photos! i loved making paper chains when i was younger! & YES! Nanny did amazing on the advent calendar- precious <3 the laptop-- love it!!!

    and of course, one day we'll go to that cafe-- it's a MUST ;)

    as i write this, the weather outside IS frightful... windy and snow trying to stick to the ground. crazy right? so it's def. starting to feel like christmas :)


  5. I'm loving your Holiday Blogs. So cozy and inspiring. I mentioned your blog today in my post: first-monday-of-last-month-of-2011.
    Thanks for such fun posts.

  6. I think I need to borrow your boys...or come visit ASAP. I have trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit, especially when it's just me and my birthday is approaching. I can't help but want to focus on that first. And I ADORE your advent calendar! It's the cutest. What do you put in each little mitten? My mother used to give me ones with little pieces of chocolate insides each window. I don't know how I managed so much self control so young.

  7. I love the idea of an advent calendar of stocking-like pockets. I bet you can fit some pretty amazing treats and surprises in those! How clever.


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