Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Does anyone know the original source of this print? I discovered it on Elizabeth's Pinterest and I love it! E Tells Tales is an awesome blog, so I'd expect nothing less of her pins.

Anyway, I'm having troubles with my Yahoo mail at the moment and can't access the photo collage for Wednesday's E & me... but it will be there later in the day, I promise! In the meantime, I'm off to be fantastic... You do the same, won't you?

love, E xo

Post-edit: Kim's right. It's a bluntcard. I spent a good twenty minutes on their site just now, laughing till I cried. And being mildly offended on occasion. But mostly just giggling!


  1. Oh my heavens...I am loving that print. I think I'm going to start using that line every time I'm interrupted.

  2. Ha! I love her blog and Pinterest is sooo addicting!

  3. Hehe, this is so great. And so true! Arent' we all just busy being fabulous? :)

  4. yes! that looks like a "bluntcard." they're hilarious, involve a lot of swearing, and are sometimes just plain wrong: http://www.bluntcard.com/ also, thank you for your tweet the other day. a lot of things have piled up all at once, both misc. life stress and some personal struggles. i'm trying to follow my own advice though to be patient and gentle with myself, and i'm taking some good steps to manage it all. it's so great to have friends like you to send warm hugs, even though you don't live nearby. thank you, thank you! speaking of hugs, did you get the package i sent?

  5. Kim, you've always got a hug from me! But would you believe I've still not had any mail from you? Hypothetically, that is way too long for mail to make its way up the coast!!! Maybe tomorrow?


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