Wednesday, November 23, 2011

E & me {bike lane}

We're on the road this week for E & me. In the bike lane.

In theory, I think bike lanes are fabulous. But I have to admit, biking in traffic makes me way too nervous. I'd rather stick to the local trails and side streets {but without a bike of my own, that never happens either!} Maybe now that my town's started a "free bike rentals for locals" program, I'll give it a go.  The boys in this family are bike enthusiasts, and it would be nice to join in the fun once in a while.

Anyway... anybody want to guess which photo is Victoria and which is Annecy?

I wish they were both in the same town, and not half a world apart. If they were, I'd hop on a bike and head for Em's apartment so we could hang out and drink tea all afternoon. And on the way, I'd stop at the bakery for some macarons. A vigorous bike ride and an afternoon with my favourite friend would definitely call for some tasty treats, non?


  1. I'm too scared to cycle in traffic too.

  2. the cycle lanes in my town are a pain in the backside. They appear and dissapear into the sky, go around parking places on a mail road, whoever painted them one must have been drunk i reckcon!


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