Monday, November 21, 2011

I believe that everyone should...

mary kate mcdevitt is a wise woman

Lately, more than ever, I am enjoying sending and receiving real mail. Email is great, but there's nothing like opening your mailbox to discover an envelope with your name written on it in a friend's handwriting. Am I right? {Em? I'm totally right, aren't I?!}With Christmas coming {in less than 5 weeks! gulp!}, I'm buying stamps and gathering up pretty cards and making lists of who to send which card to.  I've even begun to write some festive messages. It seems a little bit soon to mail them though, so I've been writing lots of plain old letters in the meantime. But "just because" letters don't have to be plain or boring. Look at some of these lovely notecards...

I think I'd like to buy some of these lovely grey and yellow notecards from sparrownestscript. Everyone can use some cheering up once in a while, non?

Bethany sent me a beautiful set of Katie Daisy notecards a while ago. I love writing letters in them.

I was so excited yesterday to discover I'd won some very pretty quote notecards from the Etsy shop lettergirl. My address stamp is from her shop, so it's perfect! Can't wait for them to arrive.

And since we're talking about stationery, I'm pretty sure I need this tote from shopsaplingpress. I love writing paper. I love good grammar. It's pretty much meant to be.

Do you like to send handwritten letters? Who do you write to? And have you started your Christmas cards yet???


  1. ha! love the stationery/stationary bag! do you hand-write all your xmas addresses? i print labels, but write inside. hoping to send mine out by dec 1, if they get to me in time!

  2. that tote is perfectly you and so are those cards you won! yay for winning... it truly makes you feel like a million bucks doesn't it? just like a letter can. Yours have touched my heart and i'm so glad we've gone back to our regular writing routine for sure! <3

    (i loveeee the katie daisy notecards you use!)

    I am horrible at emails but maybe it's because i believe there is nothing like a hand written letter.

    and yours are my favorite. You write as if we're having a conversation over coffee/tea. i love that quality of yours!

    ps. now i have to apologize because you probably CRINGE at my grammar. ha!

  3. I love sending and recieving real mail. Though lately I haven't been that good at it. Though I have ordered my Christmas cards and are picking them up on Thursday, and then we will be ready to start writing:)

  4. the stationery/stationary thing really irks me. I try not to notice or dwell on flaws, but when someone misuses stationary for stationery I go a little bonkers inside. Do you know I once saw a stationery shop owner use the wrong version on her blog while highlighting products? what's up with that!?

    okay, stepping off my snob box now :)

  5. i love handwritten letters...

    i start my christmas cards SUPER early because i handwrite each one! and my hand cramps up!! LOL


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