Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

I didn't take many photos this weekend. Not sure why. Perhaps because we didn't do much? Maybe because I was too cold to dig the camera out of my bag? We spent time doing our usual weekend things... yardwork, housework, shopping, swimming lessons. We went to two family birthday parties {both for Kilian, who is now the grand old age of 4!}, and the boys had a great time playing with their cousins. Dylan told me several times that "this time next weekend, it will be the Santa Claus parade!" He is his mother's son.

 To celebrate the arrival of the weekend, Alan bought me my first bag of Christmas Cadbury Mini-Eggs. Mmm!

 Friday night bubble bath!

 Auntie Pat knows Sawyer is a little bit ticklish

 You can't tell, but they're gathered around the campfire, trying to keep warm!

 I like this frosty flower photo so much, I've made it into my new blog header {what do you think?}

Blurry but happy

Coming up, it's the last full week of November. I've got parent-teacher interviews this week {urgh}, and pro-d on Friday {hurrah!}. I can hardly believe it, but I've checked my calendar several times and I haven't got a single meeting this week! Every evening is open! With all that free time I'm hoping to get some Christmas parcels wrapped up and to the post office, and my Christmas cards written. And god willing, I'll get my sorry ass to the gym a few times, too.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, friends. Looking forward to visiting your blogs this week, and catching up with all of you. 

Until then,
E xo


  1. I need to start my Christmas shopping and I need to start writing my Christmas cards too. I love your pictures :)

    Your new blog banner is awesome. Good choice!

  2. Um christmas eggs??? I want in on these hehe. I love little cadbury eggs its all I ever want at easter. Hope interviews go well :-)

  3. Love you new banner and I SO need a bubble bath right about now!

  4. we were meant for each other! sbux and mini eggs: all i need to sustain myself.

  5. ooo like the frosty flower banner :)
    I've never seen those christmas mini eggs...have to look out for them!

  6. Love the new header, lady! I also need to get my sorry ass exercising again. I just wish my couch wasn't so damn cozy.

  7. yep, thumbs up to the header! also - is this the first year they've done the christmas eggs? i always get them at easter, but don't recall ever seeing them at christmastime before!

  8. I love the picture of Dylan and Thomas! And I'm all for mini-egg love as you know, but Christmas mini-eggs? Seems a bit wrong. Not that I won't partake in the eating of them. Must rid the world of mini-eggs at bag at a time :)
    PS. Love the frosty flower header. Beautiful.


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