Thursday, November 10, 2011

The grammar snob in me loves this

When you could use a laugh {or some validation that yes, correct grammar and punctuation are important} someecards are fun, aren't they? I especially like the one above. 

Confession: It drives me crazy when people don't use you're/your, and they're/there/their correctly. Sometimes I get a bit wound up and judgy about it. But I'm still a nice person, I promise.

Happy Thursday, friends!

PS: I can't believe nobody called me on this~ I spelled grammar wrong in my title and it was there all day long, spelled with an e! Gaah! It's fixed now, but oh the shame...


  1. I....agree. Whenever I make a your/you're there/they're/their error I just want to die, because I'm always flabbergasted when someone else makes them!

    I feel like that's covered in 3rd grade English. An occasional whoops is okay, but I know so many people who flub that ALL the time!

    I try not to judge. But, I can't help it. It just happens...

    Those cards kills me everytime, too!!

  2. Hi Erin, I loved your grammar post and the someecards link. Laughed a lot at both! I backlinked to your post in mine today. Thanks for the fun things you write.


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