Wednesday, November 09, 2011

E & me {town clock}

This week's E & me is all about time. The time on our town clocks to be exact. 

You can probably tell which clock is in Em's town of Annecy and which one is here in Victoria {well, Sidney, really, just north of the city}. The stonework and lovely French architecture sort of give it away, non? 

Our blue one has got a fun, 1940s kind of vibe going on that I like though, even if it does lack the certain je ne sais quoi of the historic French clock tower. 

You know what I wish? That these clocks weren't 9 times zones apart. Because if they were in the same time zone, Em and I could meet up for tea at a café, and hang out all afternoon.  

And that would be merveilleuse...


  1. oh, if only! when my best friend lived in amsterdam, we would have phone dates which were at the end of my day and the beginning of his. skype wasn't invented yet {weird huh?!}, but that would have made things a lot easier. thank goodness for technology to keep us all together, even though we're thousands of kilometers apart.

  2. Dear E,

    You're a great friend.
    I love the E & me features on our blog.
    But the big time difference?
    As you mentioned, not cool.

    Le sigh... & love to you,
    Em xoxo


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