Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Yes. Yes, it is. And that's why I stayed out way too late last night at Bolen Books, listening to Ami McKay read aloud from her new book, The Virgin Cure. She is just lovely, and I would have happily listened to her for hours. I hung out, bought a copy, and even got her to sign it for me. Very exciting! After that, I did a little bit of Christmas shopping, wandering the aisles of books for over an hour. Let's just say, I have a feeling there will be plenty of reading material under the tree this Christmas...

Oh and by the way, I'm pretty sure I need that t-shirt. Are you listening, Santa?

richard scarry tee via style hive


  1. That is a great shirt...and I totally agree with it!! :)

  2. You definitely need that shirt.

    Fingers crossed that Santa has been reading your blog recently!!

  3. You really do need that t-shirt! It's SO perfect for you. I'm sure Santa will make sure he gets what's on your list.


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