Wednesday, November 30, 2011

E & me {start of Christmas decorations in town}

You guys! It's practically December! Can you believe it? In Victoria and Annecy, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And so this week, E & me is getting festive, too.

The decorations are starting to go up in my neighbourhood, and Em's

Here we've got festive banners and hanging baskets {and big, tinselly 1950s style "Season's Greetings" signs that stretch across the streets}. There they've got lots twinkly light archways over the road. Lovely, non?

And it's only just the beginning!

 Pretty sure you can expect plenty more Canadian and French Christmas-themed photos in the month ahead... right, Em?

Happy December, only an hour away now! Is your town all decorated for the holidays?

E xo

PS: I've decided to do my December advent windows again this year. {I do love perusing my Pinterest and Tumblr for the merriest photos I can find!} Take a peek back at 2010's and I'll be back tomorrow with window #1 of the 2011 countdown to Christmas!


  1. i LOVE the holiday festive feeling of your charming towns. that glitter heart? lovely!!! and yes! please do show more christmas-themed photos E&E! :)

    it is, after all -- the most wonderful time of year! happy december 1st xo

  2. Those are lovely! Our town hasn't done too much yet. My hometown decorates all the downtown area with lights and wreaths though.

    I'd love to see Europe at this time of year. I have a friend abroad in Italy right now and she says that they go all out over there!


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