Thursday, December 01, 2011

Advent Window- December 1st

Happy First of December! This post is coming at the end of a long, busy and exciting day. I spent most of it teaching kindergarten, and oh boy! Did we ever use a lot of glitter today! {stay tuned next week for some scenes of Christmas around my elementary school... where things are getting pretty festive}. It was a fun day, and it was exhausting. I was glad to get home and drink tea by the fire, even more than I usually am. 

At home, the boys opened a lot of advent calendars. Like seriously A LOT. We have nine of them, so we're pretty much all about the countdown to Christmas over here, all day long! We've got paper chains and online advents {have you ever seen a Jacquie Lawson advent calendar? they are amazing!}, paper calendars, chocolate calendars, miniature calendars, and the most gorgeous little numbered pockets that Alan's mum sent us {watch for a photo this weekend} and which get filled up be elves each night while we're all asleep! 

In keeping with the countdown to Christmas theme, I'm bringing back the advent window series this December. Every day I'll post a different pretty picture that has something to do with Christmas {sometimes in addition to a longer post, other times instead of...} 

Do you like today's one? It's one of a set of cards I found on Etsy, and it seems like a good way to start off the month... with a mailbox! I've got several parcels left to send off this weekend, and a stack of cards to finish writing. I'd better get off the computer and down to work then, huh?

Happy December, my friends. Let the Christmas joy begin!

PS: I saw Breaking Dawn tonight, and I loved it {in a cheesy, vampire-love-story kind of way, of course!} That final scene was fab...


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  2. I definitely have fond memories from elementary school that involve lots and lots of glitter, hehe! I hope you and your boys have a wonderful weekend!

  3. As a secondary person, there is no way I could work with little kids the way you do every day and I'm so glad there are people like you on this Earth who are gifted with working with little children. That being said, I hope in middle and high school that we can celebrate and make little crafts one day for holidays! That's the one thing I would really LOVE to do with kids!

    My friend's mom has made advent calendars (with little plastic and paper baggies) every year for my sister and me since our mom died. My mom used to have a felt one with little candies in our home each year. The year she died we didn't and I think my "adopted mom" as I call her sometimes just took over for us. I don't expect them after grad school (I was surprised to get one this year) but I definitely need to do them for my kids. I agree - the anticipation is part of the fun of December. A month full of songs and decorations... swoon!

    We need to get on our Christmas card writing looking at those.Except my roommates and I were talking about sending out a card with all of us wearing argyle sweaters. It's sort of a joke between us.

    Anyways, sorry I wrote you a novel on here. Hope you're enjoying the second day of the countdown!

  4. I love that you teach kindergarten -- especially since I hope to one day too. I can just imagine those glitter + glue creations they made :)

    I have yet to go to Breaking Dawn, even though I really want too...but surprisingly, Chad doesn't want to go with me! :)

  5. Yes, we're all about the glitter right now in preschool. December's theme? "Celebration!"

    I think I love it even more than the kiddos!


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