Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday morning daydream {french birthday edition}

One of Annecy's many canals, via Rue de France

Today my daydream is very specific. I'd like to be in Annecy, France, where Em lives, so we could celebrate her birthday together.  I'd deliver her presents by hand, instead of by airmail. I'd take her out to a lovely little sidewalk cafĂ© and treat her to some tasty birthday pastries and an Orangina. We'd probably get a pedicure, take a stroll around la vielle ville, and then a picnic by the lake would be in order {complete with wine and cheese and fresh-baked baguette}. And for sure we'd stay up half the night, laugh until we cried and take a million photos {long-arm style}. Le sigh. If only... One day, Em, I promise!

E & me, France, August 2009

In the meantime, we'll have to make do with a birthday phone date. We'll chat while Em opens the package  I sent, and I'll get the boys to join me in a rousing rendition of "Bonne fete a toi!" and blowing kisses. Speaking of joining in, won't you go visit my dearest friend today and wish her a happy day? No one deserves it more than she does.

Happy Birthday, Em! I love you!


  1. Birthday wishes to your dear friend! Love that gorgeous photo of you two.

  2. That is SUCH a good picture of you two! ... how great to have a photo of you both taking a photo ... sometimes those little memories and traditions are the biggest things of life.
    Happy Birthday across the sea indeed!

  3. Every time I see that photo I always marvel at it and think how fitting it would be for a movie! Love it!

    Fingers crossed one day your daydream can come true.

  4. Je t'aime aussi! Thanks for this beautiful post! Kisses from the birthday girl... xoxoxo!

  5. I wish you could be with Em to celebrate her birthday! How hard it is to be so far apart from those we love. At least you make the best of the situation via phone dates so it can feel like you're there despite the miles. I just adore the beautiful photo of you two! :) Happy Birthday Em!

  6. what a lovely post happy birthday to your friend!


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