Monday, September 12, 2011

Much Love Monday {end of summer}

I'm afraid there aren't any scenes from my weekend to post today. We had a lovely weekend {swimming, biking, sitting around a campfire with extended family, playing at the park, watching a seriously amazing episode of Doctor Who...} but I didn't take a single photo. Oops. Anyway, this gives me a chance to write a Much Love Monday post, which I haven't done in quite a while. There are lots of things to love today!

  • Having Mondays off is a fabulous plan {every weekend is a long weekend!}
  • Sawyer's excitement about starting preschool today {don't worry, I'll get photos of that}
  • My mom comes home this week, after 5 weeks in the UK... I can't wait to see her and hear all her stories
  • I've got meal plans made up for the entire week, and all the groceries bought {Operation Get Organized/Be Less Stressed is a success so far}
  • The birthday gift I bought for Wendy, my sis-in-law, on Etsy. I think I'm going to have to get one similar for myself...
  • It's book club tomorrow night... My friend Charlotte has joined our group, and we'll be discussing The Poisonwood Bible. I'm excited about both! Oh, and I get to bring the suggestions for next month's meeting. I've chosen One Day as option #1. Any great suggestions for book #2? We'll vote on it tomorrow... so leave me a comment, quick!
  • Speaking of books, Dylan's new teacher's name is... Elizabeth Bennett! Can you believe that? The Jane Austen fan in me adores this.
  • Indian summer {is it politically incorrect to say that? sorry! but the weather is just so, so lovely and warm, I can't help myself!}
  • The leaves are starting to change colour. I am a sucker for autumn leaves. 
How about you? Are you loving anything this Monday? Tell me all about it, won't you please? And if you make your own list, be sure to link up on Much Love Anna and join in the fun. 

It's just occurred to me... I didn't mention pumpkin spice latt├ęs on my list. But I mean, that's just a given, right?
E xo

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  1. Sometimes I think having no photos of a weekend can mean that was extra wonderful because you were just so absorbed in what you were doing :-) Having Mondays off sounds so delightful. This Monday I am happy that I got most valuable player at netball tonight and that it is 12 days till my holidays start.

  2. Having Mondays of sounds like a great plan! I would like that when I go back to work in March, though I'm not sure my boss will agree with me!

  3. So glad to hear that September has gotten off to a good start. And always having long weekends? That's fab. I'll put "phone date with Erin" in my daytimer for every Monday to come!!

  4. Ok, I'm trying to get my head wrapped around everything I wanted to respond to!

    1 - Have you read the Hunger Games? I can't remember.... If not - read them. If you have.... hmmm.... I might suggest Life of Pi if you're into allegories or Game of Thrones if you like Fantasy.

    2 - Your mom was in the UK for FIVE WEEKS? How do you get to do that? Why can't I do that?! Can she take me with her next time?

    3 - Not having photos is fine! I'm impressed you do so well!

    4 - Good luck to Sawyer!

    5 - I love the leaves changing colors too.

  5. happy monday erin! you just reminded me that i read the poisonwood bible. i remember being engrossed in it while reading it but now i can't remember much of it at all. weird how a story can leave you like that...

  6. it TOTALLY is a given! ;)

    ahhh i swooned at the jane austen name... how perfect!!!! i can't wait to see pics of sweet Sawyer starting preschool!

    i'm the same way when i buy gifts ;) ha i wanna see what you got Wendy!!!

    You'll have to tell me how The Poisonwood Bible is... i've been meaning to grab it off the shelf when I'm at the book store. One Day is a great option! I suggest it strongly :) "The Pilot's Wife" was also a good one I enjoyed. Either way, I can't wait to hear which you guys chose! :)

    I'm going to miss leaves changing color... as Autumn is my favorite season, I ache for the VA season. We don't get leaves changing in this part of Texas so enjoy it double for me.

    i'm loving my first cup of coffee today! (though i have to say, I am a budding tea lover... i thought you'd love that e ;) !), that me and husband have a day off, and my momma sent me lots of movies to enjoy for "Me dates." xo

  7. I can imagine how excited you are to visit with your mom and hear about her travels!

    The leaves are starting to change color here too and I love it :)

  8. We are being battered with very strong winds here today so those early changing leaves are being thrown to the ground sadly. Although it might mean I have my much dreamed about carpet of crunchy leaves sooner!!

    Can't wait to hear how Sawyer gets on with his first day back.

    Happy Monday! xx

  9. I would have way too much fun with any teacher named Elizabeth Bennett. And sometimes the best weekends are the ones where you're so involved with what's going on that you forget to take a photo. Looking back on the summer though, I wish you could have given me meal planning lessons while I was visiting.

    (P.S. I did get your card! I kept forgetting to say so. It was lovely, thank you. I'll write soon, when I have more news about job stuff.)


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