Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First day in the 4s class!

Proud preschooler, ready to be in the big 4 year-olds class at last

Yesterday was the first day of preschool, and Sawyer was ready from the second he woke up. His bag was packed, his snack made, and as soon as he was wearing his new "I rock preschool!" t-shirt, he was all set to head out the door. I had to remind him a few times that Mummy needs to be dressed too, before we can leave the house!

Outside the preschool with his family tree art project. Click for a closer look.

He had a wonderful first day back, playing and painting and singing and having "three circle times!" Already he wants to know when it will be Wednesday so he can go back and play with all his old {and new} friends.

When we picked Dylan up after school, Sawyer couldn't wait to tell his big brother about his preschool adventures. Dylan replied with, "That's awesome, Sawyer! And guess what we did in grade one today? We did ROUGE! And then we made rouge jell-o! For real!"

Aaah, I hope my kids will always love school this much.


  1. oh my gosh, that sweet smile! what a cutie pie! so glad his day went well:)

  2. i hope so, Sawyer is just adorable :)

  3. He looks gorgeous, so glad he had a good day!

  4. Happy beginning of school, Sawyer!

    I love that they both get so excited about it. So adorable!

  5. He looks so grown up in the first picture but still absolutely adorable with it! Glad to hear he had a fantastic time back and that Dylan is still loving his new class too. I can imagine the conversations those two have are just wonderful to listen to.

  6. aw i love working with those younger years, when they're still so excited to be there in your class. now that i'm all done with school, though, i really want to go back! for anything and everything. :) so i guess, it's all cyclical. enjoy this time with your adorable guys!

  7. Sawyer, you look so cool. Love from us all in Ireland xx

  8. and i hope they will always share with each other their days :) that just warms my heart!!!

    the CUTEST school project :)

  9. awe!!! that is so totally awesome!

    pia started preschool this year too! and she adores it... i do hope they continue to love school this much always!

  10. He is so precious. And I think his family tree project is wonderful. Well done Sawyer.

    I too hope they will always love school.

  11. That first picture of Sawyer is so adorable. If I hadn't been positive I was on your blog, I would have almost not recognized him -- he wears his hat in so many of the photos you post! I'm so glad your boys are having fun at school!


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