Wednesday, September 14, 2011

E & me {phone booth}

This week on E & me, we've got photos of public phone booths. They're few and far between these days... not much need for them in the era of cell phones and Skype! But we managed to find a few. They're not too different really, are they? {though neither is as pretty as a red London phone box}

Em and I try to chat on the phone pretty much every week. We're all about the regular phone dates {somehow we never run out of things to talk about}. I don't think we've ever rung one another from a phone booth though! Can you guess which one above is in Canada and which one is French?

And do you know where your nearest phone booth is?


  1. ell. There used to be one a couple of streets away. Now i'm wondering if it's still even there. It certainly changed into one of those card only booths that bt did a while back. Must take note on the way to work today!

  2. You still see a few phone boxes here in Norfolk, as being a rural county there are areas with no mobile phone coverage - so the phone boxes are still needed in case of break down etc.

  3. I have no idea where the nearest phone booth is... I wonder if there is any left at all, maybe in the center of town, I have to check next time I go there:)

  4. Actually, I don't know if I've already told you this, but there is one red London phone box in Annecy near the outdoor swimming pool! I was so surprised/confused the first time I saw it. Apparently it was donated by Cheltenham, which is one of Annecy's twin cities. Funny, innit?

  5. yup, i know where the phone booth is but... i live in LA. a phone booth is a urinal/homeless person house/schizophrenic's toy/drug drop/graffiti victim. i wouldn't go near a phone booth if my life depended on it! :)

  6. There are hardly any phone booths around anymore. Well I don't see them. Which is a shame. I needed one once when I forgot my phone (I did find one!) So I think they still needed.

  7. We have a phone box right at the end of my lane but sadly it no longer has a phone in it! Strange I know but a lot of rural boxes are like that now around here, so it is sealed and stays there to look nice instead! I haven't used a box in years but when I was a teenager that was all we could use to ring when we were out, wouldn't think to use one nowadays.

  8. Hi Erin, I have really enjoyed your blog and I have awarded you The Irresistibly Sweet Award. If you jump to my blog you can pick you the picture of the award and see the happy things I've said about your blog.
    Happy blogging. --Kimberly


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