Thursday, November 04, 2010

London Loves: Keeping in touch, England-style

It's been awhile since I've posted about London, hasn't it? Well, my friends, I still have a million photos left to show you, so these posts will carry on for quite a bit longer! Today, let's talk about fab red mailboxes and phone booths. I love them. One, because they look so well, British... and two, because they're another way of keeping in touch with faraway family and friends. Keeping in touch is so important to me {you've probably figured that out already, haven't you?}

Hello? Gramma? I'm having fun in London!

Love the red pillar box style mailbox. This one is out in suburbia.

There are sooo many postcards to choose from in London... Dylan and I were very serious about picking just the right ones! {unfortunately, I don't have any photos of any of the fantastic stationery shops I visited this summer, but believe me, there were many! and they are this letter-writer's idea of heaven!}

Dylan mails a postcard to one of his friends back home.

How many kids can we cram into a phone box? Let's find out!


  1. mailing letters and making phone calls are definitely more fun in london! :)

  2. Love that double post box Dylan is standing next to. We have a listed Victorian Octagonal box close by and I love them. We were also in danger of losing our village telephone box too but the village council has bought the actual box but with no telephone in for just...£1!!! No kidding!

  3. PS: Also meant to say I adore that first picture and would make the perfect postcard itself! :)

  4. I haven't been to London in a few years, but I love those red phonebooths. Because of cell phones, one can't even find a phone booth in the US anymore. Sad.

  5. just adorable!!! i love the photo of you and the postcards because i smile at thinking of you choosing the one you sent me.

    and OF COURSE i adore any of the photos with your little ones... i wish i could hug them! they warm my heart.

  6. I too love the phone boxes and the mail boxes. They are quintessentially British, I think.

    If I ever seen a post box that looks like one of those here I always have to take a photo of it.

    I like that you took lots of photos!

  7. I love the phone booths there - but I have never seen the mailboxes. I love that they match! SO cute.

  8. Dear French Post Office Head Honchos,

    Please read my friend Erin's blog post about how fabulous London-style postboxes are. Be sure to check out the photographic evidence (also, how cute are her boys?) Then take the time to seriously re-think the whole "bright yellow, boring rectangular" mail box thing you've got going on. OK? Thanks.

    Em xoxo

  9. These are just classic London photos - love them alot!


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