Friday, September 09, 2011

Happy things to end the week with

What a week. I'm not sure I can fully describe just how tired I am. It has been a week of reunions and new beginnings, which are wonderful, but also a week of early mornings and late nights and many, many meetings. I am struggling to get back into a workable routine, one where we can all be happy, and relatively well-rested. It's Friday though and that first long week is over. There's a lot to be happy about, no matter how sleepy I might be feeling. 

I am loving the kindergarten classroom that my friend Deb and I are sharing. We put a lot of hard work into setting it up this summer, and I think it shows. 

Our classroom tree. Each student, and both teachers, will have an apple on it. See mine? The kids will be making theirs next week.

Colourful, cheerful and very well organized. We can't wait to order our new rug to replace that grey one- it will be covered with butterflies, and the letters of the alphabet!

 Books in our little classroom library. Pete the Cat is a personal favourite of mine.

 More books. And some excellent literary friends, like Lilly {of the purple plastic purse fame}, Scaredy Squirrel and that pesky pigeon {don't let him drive the bus!}

Wearing my red dress on the first day of school. Don't I look teachery? 

Other things I'm loving this week include: the fabulous late summer weather {HOT and sunny}, listening to Dylan talk oh-so-excitedly about Grade One and his new school, ice cream sandwiches at DQ before soccer practice, and an early morning pumpkin spice latté on my way to work {my first this year and it was soooo good!} It must be nearly fall now... That's another happy thing. Fall. I love it. It just might be my favourite season.

How was your week? I hope it was marvellous. Here are some flowers for you. And an awesome chicken pillow. Because that's how much I love you. Happy Friday, friends!

I can't find the original source for this photo. All I've got is this. If you know, can you let me know please, and I'll credit properly. Thanks!


  1. What a week indeed, you must be exhausted and now need to master the art of going to bed earlier by the sounds of things! ;)

    Your classroom looks so welcoming, bright and exciting though and when the children start they will love it I am sure.

    Catch up over the weekend I hope busy lady!

  2. It's so interesting to see your classroom! I'm training to be a secondary teacher so it's always strange for me to see an elementary room - they always look so different!

    I think that the toughest part for me if I were in your shoes would be the early mornings (and late nights). I've been getting lazy about sleeping in and waking up early. I start practicum in a school in one week too! Oops.

    Love that red dress on you - beautiful!

    My week's been slow and good. Since practicum hasn't started quite yet this semester has been almost laughably easy so far. :) Plus it's been cooling down here to feel like fall which I love.

  3. There is a part of me...but I must admit a very small part, that misses teaching. Thanks for the glimpse of your classroom. Please, do tell me you have the new Pete the Cat book, 'Rocking in my School Shoes' for the first week of school. We bought it on the release day at KidsBooks as a back to school prezzie for Mac. It's even better than the first. Also going to see it in concert later this month, YEAH! Happy September!

  4. Well done on the tree. I can see you worked hard on it and I think the kids will love making their apples.
    And you are so organised. Ah if I was ever going to teach it would be to the young ones or maybe a librarian. :)

  5. You look so teachery! Your classroom is fantastic! You did such a good job with it over the summer. I kinda want to come visit and do some arts and crafts.

  6. Your classroom looks amazing! And so many great books in it! I hope my child one day has a teacher just like you!! x

  7. if by teachery, you mean fashionable, then yes!!! oh the red dress... it looks beautiful on you! :) and your classroom... i think i missed my career calling. I love your classroom decorations and that tree! what a grand idea.

    happy new school year mrs. pugh! :)


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