Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yesterday sort of sucked

Things about yesterday that were lousy:
* I woke up to the news of the death of Jack Layton, a great Canadian politician {there aren't many of them} and leader of the official opposition, and it left me feeling sad and headachy most of the day
* not getting outside once all day long {it was raining like crazy}
* the skype date that wasn't {hi Em! bye Em...}
* a sore throat
* constant bickering and power struggles with two cooped up kids
* losing my cool and shouting at the boys, who then burst into tears
* feeling like the worst mum ever

Things that made it better:
* saying sorry and having hugs, making sure they know I love them
* reading Charlotte's Web aloud at bedtime
* Jack's farewell letter to Canadians was inspiring
* getting out to the gym once Alan got home and taking it all out on the elliptical
* the most beautiful pink sunset
* lauging till I cried over Damn You Auto Correct {thanks, Bethany! I needed that...}
* a fresh start today, and a chance to try again {whew!}

How was your Monday?

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  1. Oh, Erin! Don't I know what you mean about headaches and shouting and feeling the worst mum ever. Don't worry, we all have days like these. I'm glad you've found a silver lining amongst the craze.
    I'm sure today will be better!

  2. mine was lousy as well! i woke up to take my little brother to school.. and i couldn't fall back asleep!! so i was up and exhausted all day!


  3. wow, that letter is amazing, I had no idea who he was until yesterday but I'm glad I got to read that, I can't think of anyone over here who would write something like that for us :(

    I hope Tuesday improves for you love, sometimes we need the crappy days to appreciate the good ones

    p.s. I love damn you autocorrect too

  4. Oh my gosh I have never heard of Jack Layton before this post but that letter nearly had me in tears.
    I am glad your day turned around a little, some days are just not destined to go right.
    I had a crazy Monday, starting a new job but hopefully i settle in quickly.

  5. Jack Leighton passing is so, so sad. I hope today is a better day for you sweetie <3

  6. oh hope you are feeling better lovely lady. charlottes web is such a healer, i loved it as a child xxx

  7. Wow what a Monday you had!
    I get so upset when I lose my cool with my son and also feel like the worst Mum ever but I remember a friend telling me that children need to see the reality of life I.e. People do get upset and angry, sometimes we do lose control but the important thing is that they witness a good way to handle it afterwards, a hug, a sorry, an explanation and with that they understand ways to cope with life and people.

    Monday was a good day here in Norfolk, I met up and am caravanning with the majority of my family and the sun shone brightly. Sad however because my little brother is far away in Canada and the only one not to be here.

    I hope Tuesday is a good day for you!


  8. oh i'm sorry you had "one of those days." that's really tough. if it makes you feel better, it's healthy for your boys to witness adults handle mistakes in proper ways. it's good modeling to show them that sometimes they'll lose their cool, but they can go back and make things right. i hope today is a million times better! even if only to get your little ones outside. rain is a nightmare with kids to entertain.

  9. My Monday? Meh.

    I was too hot & cranky. Like you, I was feeling sad about Jack Layton. And you know what else? I also had the Skype date that wasn't... ;)

    But hey, there are days like that!

    Let me just say that you are a fantastic mum, even if you yell at the boys once in a blue moon. OK?

    E xoxo

    P.S. RAWR!!!

  10. Such a great letter- brought tears to my eyes.

    hope tuesday is better.

  11. awe! i am so glad that everything turned right side up for you.

    hope your week is just as swell!

  12. sending you a hug. i was definitely feeling gray yesterday after hearing about jack.

    then i went to the maroon5 concert and the very juicy adam levine perked me right up.

  13. Sorry to hear your day was poopy. That was mine today (up and down, up and down it seemed). Hopefully the rest of the week perks up for us both! xoxo

  14. I'm so sorry about your nation's loss and about your crummy, crummy day. *Hugs* from Michigan!

  15. mondays that suck suck 2 x as bad don't they? bless your heart but thank-you for such honesty... it's refreshing in a blogging world where we only wanna show the sunshines...
    but what i love about you dear friend is you remember the little things that make the sucky-ness (is that word and did i spell it right? i'm going to think not ha) worth it-- like a pink sunset and hugs that melt away everything.

    my monday-- i've been restless as of late but! i read an entire book in a day and a half! i could not put it down. karina let me borrow "love the one you're with" by emily giffin and oh man... it spoke my heart. I believe she's the perfect summer read!

  16. You are so good at turning around a bad day though Erin and making sure you make a list of the good things about the day too!

    Love that print and it is so perfect for your two little ones.


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