Wednesday, August 24, 2011

E & me {laundry}

It's washing day on E & me!

Em and I love the summer for many reasons, and one of them is that we can hang our wet laundry up to dry outdoors and not in the middle of the house. There's nothing quite so lovely as falling asleep on sheets just in off the line, is there? {or on warm sheets just out of the dryer, for that matter}

But... did you know that in France practically nobody owns a dryer? I'm serious! So even on the dampest of winter days, there's no "tumble dry" going on. Just damp clothes and bedding hanging all over the living room. Ugh. France is pretty magnifique in just about every respect, but I think Canada's got to be the winner in this category, don't you?

Anyway, enough friendly competition! It's still hot and summery in both countries, so today's E & me features recent photos of our clothes hanging outside in the sun. 

Now... can you guess which laundry is hanging in Victoria and which is in Annecy? I doubt you'll have any problem figuring this one out. You guys are way too clever.

Bon mercredi, mes amies!


  1. I couldn't live without my dryer... yeah I'm a bit lazy, so hanging up laundry only happens on rare occasions:)

  2. We don't have a dryer either, we just hang everything in the spare room for the winter lol.

    I love having a garden to hang my washing in now though, in fact it really is one of my favourite things, Thomas thinks I'm crazy as I love putting the washing out on the line just because I can :)

  3. Although I love my dryer, this is an amazing way to dry your clothes too!

  4. I'll admit, I do swoon over those high efficiency washer dryers... but it would be fabulous not to have to waste all that energy and use the sun to dry my clothes! In Michigan we don't get enough cooperative weather for that to happen on a regular basis, but I can definitely see it happening for a few months during summer!

  5. You don't have a dryer? That is just a foreign life to me. I love my dryer- I haven't ironed in eight years!

  6. Oh no, Tiffany... I absolutely DO have a dryer! It's just Em who doesn't. However, when the weather is sunny and warm, I use the clothesline and the dryer takes a break. We'll start using it again in the winter. Occasionally though, we'll hang the laundry on a rack in the playroom and let it dry by the woodstove, to save energy {and money!}

  7. We have a drryer in Fr and bought it from the folks who owned our house previously, but it is a seriously ecologically UNSOUND method of drying clothes. Here in Ireland we use the clothes horse in the laundry room/garage as well as the dryer! There are 6 of us and the pile of laundry is never-ending!

  8. i use my clothesline a lot now for towels especially cos it's TOO hot int he house to have the dryer going and the kitchen etc.

    i love the bathing suit drying!

    i remember thinking it was crazy my sister in italy didn't have an air conditioner.

    i am loving this e & me series! and that view-- i'm going to guess yours is the first one? oh to have trees like that in my backyard. xoxo

    ps. i adore you!!!! i'm excited about our beauty swap ;)

  9. I cannot believe that about dryers in France - I could not live without mine. In fact I probably use it far too much and should save the electricity really but I love that feeling when you pull a big warm bundle out of the machine.


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