Thursday, August 11, 2011

I carried a watermelon

We stopped at the grocery store on our way home from a friend's yesterday. You may recall that I've decided to try my hand at being a vegetarian, so we were loading up on fruits and veggies, tofu and quinoa {anybody with a good recipe, please do email it to me!} As we headed out of the produce section, I spotted a bin full of seedless watermelon. Yum! Of course, we had to have one. 

As soon as I picked it up, juggling it in one arm while attempting to carry a full basket in the other, that classic line from Dirty Dancing popped into my head. "I carried a watermelon." You remember the scene, right? When Baby first meets Johnny, and she's all nervous and awkward and blurts out that she carried a watermelon? Of course you do. Anyway, now I can't stop thinking about Dirty Dancing {there's also a completely fabulous reference to it in Crazy, Stupid Love, which I saw a few nights ago, so perhaps it was on my mind already} and how much I need to see it again.

"C'mere, loverboy!"

It's been way too long since I've watched that movie. I love it. The music, the setting, the dancing, the really romantic bit where Patrick Swayze mouths the words, "And I owe it all to you!" and Jennifer Grey leaps into his arms. Swoon.  All of it takes me back to the summer of 8th grade. I was 13 years old and crazy for it. The poster was on my wall, the soundtrack was playing in my bedroom, and we watched it at every single sleepover. To me, it is the perfect summer movie, even if I'm not thirteen anymore. It might be a light, fluffy, "chick flick," but sometimes that is exactly what a girl needs, don't you think?

This weekend, I am totally watching it again. I'll probably invite some girlfriends over. We'll sing along. And we'll most definitely eat that watermelon. I can't wait.

PS: What are some of your favourite, feel-good summer movies?


  1. that. is. awesome!! i watched dirty dancing over and over when i was a preteen. one night all of us girls even attempted the leap and lift move in the pool, then the living room when we felt we had mastered it. oh good times! we did several grain salads for our wedding picnic baskets. in one with couscous we did feta and peas, in another with quinoa we did mushrooms and quorn chunks. there are so many things you can add to it to make it healthy and delicious. i would say just get to experimenting with flavors and different veggies. yum!

  2. I LOVE it! Dirty Dancing is one of my all-time favorite movies. It really is the perfect summertime movie, isn't it?

  3. Of course I remember the watermelon! How could one forget that scene!

  4. I'll get together with you and watch Dirty Dancing.. it'll be adolescence all over again!!
    Also, I have some great vegetarian recipes, including a really yummy quinoa salad :) You'll love it. I'll call you tonight.

  5. well damn, now I want some watermelon. And that scene in Crazy Stupid Love was awesome.

  6. oh i wish i could come over and watch a CLASSIC. oh man, "crazy stupid love" was AMAZING!!! and that is a great BIG move ;) haha

    i'm trying to think of my favorite summer movies... "lost in translation" isn't summer but it reminds me of being on holiday so does that count? xo

  7. Confession: I have never seen Dirty Dancing, beginning to finish!! But you've inspired me to add it to my Netflix queue...and perhaps stay up and watch a little bit of it tonight. :)

    Ooo...I can't wait to hear how your vegetarian-living goes! Quinoa (totally slaughtered that spelling) is yummy, but I haven't had it in so long that I don't think I could recommend a good recipe for it! Hmm. I'll have to think on that! :)

  8. Unfortunately I don't really remember Dirty Dancing :( I may have to re watch that movie.

    Ahh feel good summer movies I can't quite think of any which is kind of weird. I like watching Never Been Kissed or my Disney princess movies :)

    I hope you have gotten my mail.

  9. That is a classic:) If my to do list wasn't that long I would go put on the dvd right now... I guess I'll have to do with the soundtrack:)

  10. dirty dancing is brilliant! oh patrick swayze in that film... x

  11. Such a classic! I heard they're doing a remake! I'm not sure why, because they'll never live up to the original... but it should be interesting!

  12. Speaking as a vegetarian... YUM. I'm always looking for new recipes. I just made quinoa the other week before the beach! It was a tabbouleh. I'll be catching up on recipe posts this week and will make sure to let you know! Watermelon is delicious. I love taking it on a picnic and letting the juice run down over my hands. It reminds me of summer days when I was a kid.


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