Friday, August 12, 2011

Flowers for your Friday

I'm a sucker for hydrangeas...

Seriously? Is it Friday again already? August is flying by far too quickly for my liking. Before I know it, summer vacation will be over and we'll be back to the hectic routine of work and school and meetings {oh! so many meetings...}

I want to savour the summer we have left, to bask in it while I still can. I need to remember my manifesto! And that is why this weekend I will be: packing a picnic and taking my kids to the beach, why we'll be getting together with friends for a fondue party {you can eat cheese when you've decided to be a vegetarian, right?} and staying up late, drinking wine. It's why we'll be going for a walk around the lake to pick blackberries, and why I'll be sitting outside in the sun with a good book and a cold drink while the kids construct forts from blankets on the lawn. It's why I'm going to paint my toenails a sparkly pink and admire them while I wander barefoot around the house, why I'll eat watermelon and watch Dirty Dancing and reminisce about the summers of my youth, and maybe have a little impromptu dance party while I'm at it! It's why I will do my damnedest not to look ahead 3 weeks, but instead to live in the moment.

What will you be doing this weekend? And do you have any goals or plans you'd like to achieve before autumn arrives?

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  1. Very pretty! I work this weekend as usual =-p

  2. Oh, that sounds PERFECT! I just made plans to go on a fried-clam adventure this weekend. I can't wait!

  3. Those flowers are lovely. I can't believe it's Friday again either1 I love when the work week flies by, but not when summer does!

    Enjoy your fondue! Of coruse cheese can still be eaten by vegetarians :)

    This weekend I'll be shooting another wedding and then going to Ikea on Sunday!

  4. Some cheeses are fine for vegetarians, but a few aren't - just check the wrapper.


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