Monday, July 11, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

Hello my lovelies! Did you notice my absence? Or was it less horrifying to you that I was offline for 30+ hours than it was to me?  Our internet went down yesterday afternoon and we've only just now got it up and running again, 9 pm Monday night. Whew! What a relief. I was having some serious withdrawal all day, though I did get a few loads of laundry done, gave my new desk another coat of paint and ran a million errands. So, yay for productivity I guess! I don't know if I could have gone another day though, without checking my email, reading your blogs and posting a little something of my own. And so here they are, way later than usual... the scenes from another summer weekend:

 A picnic lunch in the backyard is a huge hit with the boys

We packed up the bikes and drove to a park that has good riding trails around it

 You see what I'm sayin'?

 Sitting in the grass, writing lots of letters. I have some serious catching up to do!

 Lying down to look up at the treetops

 We have cherries in our garden! And wow, are they ever good...

 Quality cousin time at my brother's place

 A delicious dinner out with a girlfriend for her birthday

Eeee! 5 days to go!

The weekend was great. I slept in {twice!}, drank tea and read blogs in bed, powered my way through the end of one book and then another one entirely, and wrote several letters. I spent time playing with the boys and working in the garden {where do those weeds come from?!}, watched some funny British shows with Alan, and went to the gym twice. We picnicked and barbequed and I got to go out on Sunday night with a girlfriend. We had a lovely, relaxed dinner {with the most amazing lemon curd tarts for dessert} and then we went to the late showing of Bridesmaids where we pretty much peed our pants laughing for two solid hours. That is one hilarious movie, let me tell you. And then, I got my photo taken with Harry Potter! Yay! I don't think you can ask for a weekend better than that.

How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything fabulous?


  1. all the food in this post looks so delicious. I love that you have your own cherries yum! I really want to have a tomato plant again this summer, so delicious!

  2. I definitely didn't notice your absence because I have too many of them myself :)

    Your posts are always so dreamy! The food, the fun, the flowers and trees. You always know how to capture the essence of whatever it is you're writing about!

  3. I love the photos of the cousins together! That is so precious! And... yay for reading time! Did you finish Room then?

    I'm with you - I need to catch up on writing letters sometime soon. I'm way behind!

    There are some feelings of jealousy over here about your photo with Harry. Just thought you should know! ;)

  4. oh no! i feel so directionless when i lose internet. i look up at the world and wonder "ah! what am i supposed to DO?" :) glad you have it back.

    it sounds like you're accomplishing so much on your vacation. and i loved bridesmaids. it was far more serious and touching than i thought it would be, and kristen wig was amazing as usual. glad you had such a fun weekend!

  5. yey for witting letters in the sun! fab!

  6. Let me know if you need a date for Harry Potter Friday night :)

    My kids will be seeing it Saturday morning with their dad and I can't go because I have to be at UVic all day for a rugby tourney!!

    Argh :(

    PS that picnic looks aMAYzing!!

  7. glad the internet is back, I didn't have it for 9 days. NINE DAYS. I survived though! :) of course now I am spending like 9 hours a day on the internet trying to catch up for all the time I missed.

  8. sounds fantabulous! cute picnic! xox

  9. i love cherries so cool your growing them. and im so excited for harry potter :) my friends and i had a harry potter marathon at the weekend.
    love letter writing too, your weekend sounds great.
    eleanor xx

  10. that is the CUTEST photo of you and Harry Potter ;) i can't imagine how antsy you are to watch it! and i just know you'll have your box of tissues ready.

    bridesmaids- HILARIOUS for sure! ;) is there anything better than laughter with friends? or a delicious dinner? yum!!!

    even with all the fun, you and A managed to get to the gym?! kuddos for that. :)

    it's been ages since i've been to pilates because of my part time job that i finally told work i couldn't work past 7 tues/thurs. i was a shameful girl carrying my yoga mat to class last night but man did it feel good to sweat again. i'm paying for the absence today... SORE!

    I love that photo of your "letter kit" on the green grass. i hope one of them is addressed to el paso ;)


  11. such gorgeous photos. an absolutely perfect weekend!


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