Saturday, July 09, 2011

Saturday morning daydream

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I'd like to wake up early {not because I was woken up by noisy kids demanding to be fed, but because I'd actually slept enough and was feeling refreshed!} I'd go downstairs to a kitchen that looked like this one and sit down in that chair with my cup of tea, and the morning paper. I'd bask in the quiet, and the sunshine, for as long as I felt like it. And then I'd take that bag by the door there and go for a walk to the market, where I'd fill it with fresh fruit and a baguette still warm from the baker's oven. Then I'd slowly wander home again where a pot of tea would be waiting. The bread would come out of the bag and we'd turn it into a lovely vanilla and cinnamon french toast, with the fruit {raspberries maybe, or peaches?} on top! What a perfect way to start the day that would be...

Happy Saturday morning daydreaming to you, too!

PS: This is one of many new photos on my tumblr. J'adore is full of inspiration for my daily daydreams... Come take a peek!


  1. sounds great! Can i join you?

  2. That french toast sounds amazing.. What a lovely start to the weekend that would be!

    I just stumbled upon your profile and had to come check out your blog, mainly because I was thrilled to find another person who likes Doris Day as well!

  3. Serenity. It's actually something that would serve me well to find a lot more of in my life. Even without kids or a husband, I often find myself wondering where the quiet time went. I've become almost adverse to it, so my Saturday Morning Daydream is quite similar to yours now! I want to find and enjoy some quiet time today! Thanks so much for the inspiration.

  4. sounds heavenly! xox happy weekend

  5. I'd love to join you in your daydream! :) Sounds like the perfect Saturday morning to me!

  6. Oh my, that sounds lovely, and that kitchen looks devine. Those french doors *sigh*.


    ps: thanks for the advice. I'd already tried the trainline website, and they were quoting the same price. Sometimes trains in this country are ridiculous!

  7. This sounds utterly enchanting. I think you should put your daydreams into a book. It would be so lovely to read it like a coffee table book :)

  8. Sounds perfect! Is there room for one more?

    x Jasmine

    PS. I can't believe you had a postal strike for almost a month! I would go crazy! What were they striking for?

  9. How did I miss this post, you have me at the photo! There are so many kitchen photos on blogs but this one REALLY speaks to me - the doors, the island, the floors - so cozy.

    Your daydream sounds perfect too...mmm, bread.


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