Wednesday, July 13, 2011

E & me {market flowers}

Not much to say about this week's E & me... I think these photos speak for themselves! {and I can promise you they smelled pretty wonderful, too...}

Em and I have decided to stop labelling the photos with the words Victoria and Annecy. It's pretty obvious which is which, non? Although this week's is a teeny bit tricky. Can you figure it out?

And do tell... What's your favourite cut flower to buy at the market?


  1. Beeyooteeful! I wish I had a bouquet of those right here on my desk at work :)

  2. I honestly don't know.... Our lavender here is in full blossom right now so I lean towards that Stateside and the full rows of blooms in france. But I'm not sure.

  3. well since the photos are in different languages, i think it's clear. :) oh lavender! how beautiful. there were giant lavender bushes in the backyard where we had our wedding and they were so great - smelled amazing and looked beautiful.

  4. hi erin!
    found you through alli at reasons to smile page. i love this post. its such a coincidence because i just wrote one about lavender oil, and was looking the at the lavender in my garden earlier. i love the smell!
    i love buying roses- as i am a true hopeless romantic. we had some amazing ones in our garden which smelled beautiful.
    nice to find your blog, come and visit me and follow if you like:
    happy to be a follower here,
    eleanor xo

  5. Fun! BTW now that Canada Post is up and running pls look out in the mail for a package with a couple of perviously loved lovelies from me.

  6. You know what? I always used to think that lavender was a boring old-lady type of flower. But then I discovered that I was completely wrong & I even ended up carrying a bouquet of "lavande" at my wedding! Swoon!

  7. Em- I know! I always thought the same. But now, I love lavender. And it always makes me think of your wedding!

  8. I'm with you, Em and Erin! I used to think lavender was for grannies. Then I found lavender bushes at Gabe's house...and the smell now makes me think of my someday home...when we settle down at his place in Sacramento! :)

    I love both photos...and I'm guessing Erin is on the left and Em on the that right?

    My fav market flower HAS to be peonies when they're in season. I adore them. :)


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