Thursday, July 14, 2011

The end of an era

I'll never forget... In the fall of 2001 I got an especially bad case of bronchitis, and I had to take a week off work. On the shelf in my bedroom were the first four Harry Potter books, a Christmas gift from my grandpa. Bored and stuck at home, I decided to pick up The Philosopher's Stone. I fell in love from the first chapter, and spent the next week immersed in the world of Hogwarts, right up to the end of The Goblet of Fire. Those were the best sick days I've ever taken! I was sad when I finished book 4, not knowing how long the wait would be for number 5, but excited about the release of the first film that Christmas. I went to every book release and movie premiere after that, painted lightning bolts on my forehead, drank butterbeer at midnight, stood in line waiting for my copy of each amazing novel. I even took my brand new baby boy to the bookstore at midnight on July 21st, 2007, to buy the final book. 

Sawyer getting his Harry Potter fix

And now, here we are on the eve of it all ending. I can't believe it. I'm excited to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two tomorrow night {yay! we got tickets!}. Excited, but so, so sad. For ten years there has always been something new to look forward to in the world of  Harry Potter. It's all about to end. How on Earth will I cope? With quotes like these, I suppose... and the knowledge that with a good book, you can always go back to the beginning and start all over again.

The house I hope the Sorting Hat would put me in.

A favourite quote from the best headmaster Hogwarts ever had.

Awesome. Must remember this tomorrow night and bring chocolate to the cinema.

Wouldn't that be marvellous? 

Ooh, and having my own magic wand to "swish and flick" might help cheer me up, too! This arrived in the post today from Alan's mum, just in time for me to bring to the movies tomorrow night. Isn't it fabulous? Voldemort doesn't stand a chance against me now... 

Are you going to see Harry Potter this weekend? And will you cry as much as me?

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  1. I havent read the last book yet :O!
    I want to see photos of you with your wand haha

  2. Even though I never read the Harry Potter books, or seen the movie, I just didn't get it... but I love reading about how excited you get about going, kinda wished I could get that excited about a movie:) Have fun!

  3. I have a small confession... I've only seen the first 3 films. Book 3 is my favourite and I was so underwhelmed by the film that I decided to stay reading the books instead... that way its never over :) Though Ron is perfect in the films, I will admit that.

    I remember picking up the first Harry Potter book from the book box in my high school just for something to read and I was instantly hooked too - I took the book home with me even though we weren't meant to just so I could finish it that day lol

  4. My friends and I are throwing an HP party tonight! We're not dressing up to a crazy extent but we're wearing our house colors along with matching ties. Then we're watching the 7th movie tonight at midnight. I don't overly love midnight premiers because it's a lot of waiting and REALLY crowded but it's the last one. ever. So it's totally worth it. I'll be doing an HP post today too!

  5. All good things must come to an end I suppose, but at least you'll always have the books and movies to go back to! Plus there's that rumor that J.K. Rowling has something new up her sleeve :)

  6. Yep, I'll be there tomorrow night... at least that is the plan!

    And yep, I'll be crying too.

    ox Kelly

  7. OH, very much so. After I finished the books, it was "oh, we've still got the movies". But now those are gone too! I handled it well during the movie (probably because I had to go to the bathroom from all that coffee I drank...) but got very sad as I was going to sleep at 4am. It all felt very real, and then I felt kind of silly for being down trodden. But we grew with these characters, and I'm not apologetic about my love of HP. I hop you enjoyed it! That wand will certainly be helpful!


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