Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday flowers, and feeling grateful

Is it Friday already? Thank goodness for that. It's been a busy, stressful week and I feel as though I've been running on a treadmill from the moment we got home from our dreamy holiday {always going, going, but never really getting anywhere}. Anyway, I made it through the madness and am ready for a few days off to enjoy some sunshine and fun. It's a long weekend here in Canada {yay for BC Day!}, and I have plenty of fun plans to keep me happy and help shake off the stresses of the week. I can't wait to spend Saturday afternoon and evening with my mom and sister, having a picnic supper and watching the fireworks at Butchart Gardens, and I'm also looking forward to a Sunday morning hike up Mill Hill with my three boys {I hear the view of the city from up there is amazing}. Other things that are making me feel happy/grateful this Friday:

* Dylan's lip stitched up nicely- after a bloody fall involving his face and the footboard of Sawyer's bed last night- and he's quite pleased with his battle scars. He was so brave in the clinic, and I was so proud of him. The doctor said he was the very best patient he'd had all day! It called for extra ice cream, let me tell you.

* weather nice enough for playing in the sprinkler

* my museum membership card- worth every single penny

* re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and loving it even more this time around

* stacks of mail this week! thank you, lovely friends!

* sunflowers in our garden, great big ones

* freshly sliced pineapple... yum!

* my comfy bed {much as I miss Sorrento, I do not miss that lumpy bed in our cabana!}

Alas, this is not my bed.

What are you grateful for this week? And have you got a lovely long weekend ahead of you, too? I hope so!
E xo


  1. yippee have a wonderful weekend. pleased your son is ok :) xxxx

  2. I have missed all your lovely posts. I'm trying to do a catch up now that it's basically the weekend.

    Ohh your poor little Dylan :( Glad he was a good patient.

    I sent you some mail today. Sorry I have been a little slow with that lately. x

  3. Oh poor Dylan! I'm glad he's all stitched up and I've no doubt that he'll remember to apply ice cream multiple times a day. Have a great weekend and enjoy that extra time off!

  4. Happy Friday Erin :)

    So happy to hear Dylan is ok and he was a brave little soldier :)
    Your weekend sounds just perfect and oh so lovely!!

    Thank you so much for your very sweet words and I do like the Love, Kary idea :)

    I'm so happy to have won your best friends first giveaway, I'm sure it will be beautiful :)

    Have a great weekend :)

    xo Kary xo

  5. Happy long weekend Erin. I hope you find some rest and relaxation in there...sounds like your week was rough.
    I'm coming up with a list for my weekend...but now I am off to bed. xoxo

  6. I need to read HP again too! Good list of things to be grateful for.

    This week I'm really glad I got some time at the beach and with a friend. I'm also looking forward to one week away when I'll be at another beach. :) After a summer full of class I'm definitely ready for some water fun!


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