Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday morning daydream {it must be a sign...}

I was talking to Em the other day and, among other things, we were discussing whether or not she should spend her birthday in Paris this year {truly, the question should have been "Should Erin fly to Paris to spend Em's birthday with her this year?"} Paris is everywhere lately. The blogosphere is jam-packed with posts about Paris. Here are just a few that I've enjoyed lately:

A Paris picnic guide on Oh Happy Day!
A love letter to Paris on Project Simple Life
All Paris, almost all the time on Little Brown Pen
Bethany got engaged in Paris on Rinse.Repeat!
How to spend an afternoon in Paris by Kayla {also just engaged!} on Exquisite Banana
The prettiest macarons on Design Mom {would you believe I've never had one?}

Paris. It's all over the place. All over my Google reader anyway. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something?

* The spectacular Eiffel Tower photo was taken by the lovely Ms Kayla Poole. Go check out the past few weeks of posts on her blog and swoon over all the photos of her recent trip to Europe. They are seriously dreamy...


  1. i really need to go there....have to make do with reading about it for now....

  2. You really do need to come & meet me in Paris one of these days... & I really do need to stop asking you dumb questions about where I should spend my birthday...

    XOXO! Bon week-end!

  3. Haha! Maybe it IS a sign! Next vacation indeed. :) You'd sell me on anywhere in Britain. You're right though, I've seen a lot on my feed about Paris too lately... and the beach. It seems like everyone goes on vacation at the exact same time!

  4. Erin. Go to Paris. There are so many ways to see this glorious city on the cheap (that's what we did!) and it is truly unlike any city I've ever seen...but you know all this from my posts, ha. Thanks for sharing my photo with your readers! I miss lounging languidly on that sweet french grass.

  5. its definitely a sign Erin - how awesome would it be to be able to got for Em's birthday!! just finished my three loads of washing :-(

  6. You have definately come to Paris !!! Hugs from there, Britta

  7. i loved all of kayla's paris posts! what a magical time she must have had there, not to mention getting engaged there. i've never had an interest in paris, but after those posts {wandering bridges, wine in the park, original works of art} i think i could bear it, you know, if i had to... :)


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