Monday, June 13, 2011

Much Love Monday

Just a list of the things I'm loving this week. That's all I have time for tonight.
  • Little boy feet in crocs
  • Spinach salad straight from our garden
  • Packing Dylan's bag for beach day tomorrow brings back memories of my own long-ago June school days
  • Hand-made Father's Day cards, shaped like ties and all drippy with paint
  • Ice cold diet Coke 
  • The spanakopita that Charlotte made me for lunch {so. so. good.}
  • 2 weeks + 3 days left of work!
  • "Singable Songs for the Very Young"
  • Getting stuff done {hello, neat, tidy entryway! good-bye way too many toques and gloves and stupid big coats...}
  • Bookclub is tomorrow night. I enjoyed the book. I look forward to discussing it, and drinking wine.
  • Making plans for Sawyer's birthday party {my baby's going to be 4 and he is so excited!}
  • Email confirmation of our summer vacation reservations. Cabana, here I come...
  • Your comments. They make me happy.
And now I really must get back to my report cards. See you Wednesday, with a brand new E & me

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  1. The photo is so adorable. Okay, I have a lot to get done -- your mention of that just reminded me!

  2. i hear you about the toques! i just put all my winter boots away and it felt so good! :)

  3. I love little boy feet in crocs- we just got the converse style ones and love them especially.

  4. That photo is adorable. Too cute

  5. i don't like crocs, but there's something about small crocs that's endearing. :)

    bookclub is this friday for faiza and excited to catch up with the girls!


Yay! I love comments.


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