Monday, June 06, 2011

Scenes from the weekend

 Hatley Castle on a glorious summer day

 Wedding day!

{this one's for the Doctor Who fans}

Prettiest wedding cake ever 

 Pacific Ocean, Olympic Mountains, cruise ship

 Dad & Alan hanging out at the reception

 The bride's family is tall! Alan and I are not.

 Canucks win game 2 in overtime! Groomsmen break out the Vancouver jerseys!

Beautiful bride et moi

 Sunday morning refreshment

 Enormous strawberry

 First peony to open

Our lilacs are still going strong!

 Sunny day in the yard

What a fabulous weekend! I really wish it weren't over. It was 25 degrees both days, the sun shone, we saw friends we love get married. We ate, we drank, we danced, we laughed... with family and with friends. It felt great. The Canucks are one game closer to the Stanley Cup and that feels great too {people are going crazy, you should see the flags everywhere!}. The boys had so much fun at their picnic and sleepover with Auntie Pat. Dylan rode his bike without training wheels for the first time! {I haven't got photos, as I was running along behind him, steadying the bike, and cheering him along} Everything about the weekend was perfect. It's a shame that it's Monday again already. It was just starting to feel like summer vacation. I'm so glad the real thing is less than 4 weeks away!


  1. what a great weekend! we had lots of sun too, but now...mon morning is raining! which is fine by me as the garden and allotment need it!

  2. This looks like an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Weddings are my favourite! That castle is beautiful, what a perfect wedding location.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend. I believe most of Denmark is also cheering for Vancouver Canucks, Jannick Hansen is the only Dane ever to be in the final:)

  4. That wedding looks amazing! How gorgeous is that castle. I love pretty weddings :)

    The peonies looks lovely. I wish I had some in my backyard.

    25 degrees is a warmer winter day for us here. It was about 23 degrees today. x

  5. So they were married at Hatley? Gorgeous ...
    And I agree ... love that cake!

    We were actually warm here too - and had a big community picnic/festival so we were out yesterday. I'm ready for summer to come and my yearly West Coast holidays!!

  6. oh that's so awesome! what a fabulous weekend, and i'm so glad you got to go to your friends' wedding. did you get to sleep in properly without the boys? i've been hearing all about the hockey game, but from the other side - dannon is a big bruins fan {he's from massachusetts}.

  7. Cass- yep, it was in the Italian Garden at Royal Roads, just outside the castle. Beautiful! Do you have your west coast dates yet? We need to plan for hanging out at Starbucks!

    Kim- tell Dannon he can forget it! Vancouver is going to win!!!

  8. What a dreamy and magical weekend!!! i can just tell the wedding was gorgeous and i can just imagine the EXCITEMENT and energy thanks to the Canucks!!! i was SO happy to hear that they won! and in OT, no less!

    i'm still a little sad and in disbelief that my Mavs came THIS CLOSE to winning yesterday at home but couldn't at the last second :( but that just means an even more exciting series with game 4 tomorrow... oh wish us luck please!?


  9. your captains made me giggle. also, three cheers for your sweet boy's new-found, two-wheeled freedom. a major accomplishment at the brink of summer!

  10. Some gorgeous pictures! I love the flowers!

  11. looks like a super fun weekend- I love that the boys brought out the Canucks jerseys- what self respecting Canadian men would not?

  12. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! The wedding looks beautiful, and I love the color red that you're wearing! Jealous that you still have lilacs!

  13. I would LOVE to get married in a castle. Noah and I have joked about eloping and getting married in Britain at some castle or other. Hahah. It sure is wedding season around here!

  14. wow, I'm so envious of your weekend! It looks like it was right out of a fairytale with that castle and those pretty mountains... Glad you had fun!


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