Friday, June 03, 2011

Flowers for your Friday

photo by jordan ferney, oh happy day

It's Friday again! Hurrah! I've had a crazy week, full of meetings and appointments and madness. All sorts of school stuff, and preschool stuff, and wrapping my head around this president job. It's worn me out, I admit. As soon as I get through the school day today {the first graders are finger-painting Canada flags- think that might be messy?}, I am crashing on the couch, or possibly outside on the lawn in the sunshine, and relaxing for a while. Maybe even with a glass of wine...

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. It's going to be sunny and warm and so much fun.The boys are off to my aunt's for a sleepover on Saturday night, while Alan and I attend the wedding of a close family friend. I can't wait to see the bride walk down the aisle! I babysat her when she was little, drove her to her ballet class, took her out for ice cream... and now she's getting married! Crazy. Guaranteed I'm gonna cry. Anyway, I love a wedding. And this one is going to be fabulous. It'll be so much fun to get dressed up, to mingle and visit and eat cake and dance the night away. And then to sleep in on Sunday morning {we don't have to pick up the boys until 11)... bliss!

A few more happy things about the weekend: Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals {go, Canucks!}, bright pink peonies and loads of lupins starting to bloom in our garden, another new episode of Doctor Who, good books to read, and wearing my new red dress.

Happy Friday! Anything fun happening where you are?
E xo


  1. You sounds so busy. I really don't know how you balance everything out. I think relaxing in the sunshine with a glass of wine would be perfect way to unwind.

    And have fun at the wedding! x I'm pretty much working the weekend so nothing fun here. :(

  2. oh a weekend without little ones, dancing, good food, sleeping in, and celebrating with loved ones? sounds like a perfect weekend! i hope today isn't too much of a hassle {finger painting is quite the... well, adventure}. :)

  3. Oh, Erin, your upcoming weekend sounds lovely! Tomorrow I'll be doing the bake sale with Kim, but on Sunday I have to rechain myself to my desk and get a paper done. Maybe two. We'll see. Have fun this weekend!!

  4. I wish I had that kind of busy, fun stuff going on! I'm jealous!

  5. bet u wake up at 7.15 on sunday, that's how it always works out!

  6. Glad you are all set to have a wonderful weekend, and warm weather always helps! I'm your new parter for Gracie's summer list swap! I can't wait and you have such a lovely blog!

  7. enjoy the wedding and the glorious time with your hubby!

    p.s. finger painting is simultaneously my most and least favorite activity to do with preschoolers.

  8. AWWW won't you take photos of the wedding? i bet it will be gorgeous and emotional indeed.

    GO CANUCKS! this weekend is game three of the NBA Finals and erin i still can't stop gushing about an amazing last minute win on thursday! really, when i think back about how my heart was racing and the final seconds when we won... i wanna do a happy dance! :) so i get how excited you are about the Stanley Cup. Here's to our teams!!!!

    i know you will be just beautiful in your red dress! xo


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