Wednesday, June 08, 2011

E & me {fruit bowl}

It's week 2 of the E & me photo project. It's summertime, and this week, we're all about the fresh fruit. Yum!

My strawberries are from California, while Em's cherries are fresh from the tree in Pommiers. Life is just a bowl of cerises when one lives in France, non? ;~)


  1. yum! i love summer fruits. i just bought a bunch of blackberries, which aren't exactly in season, but they were so delicious. tis the season for smoothies!

  2. and as i am reading this, i'm eating the sweetest blueberries!!! i truly love this project :)

    ps. E we are in the same boat, your stanley cup to my NBA Finals. We had a DEVASTATING loss in Game 3 (our first at home) and i was OVER THE MOON excited about our close win yesterday... tomorrow is another game and OMG, i hope it's ours!!! hopefully we will both have our year! ;) i'll send you cheers if you send them to dallas please! <3

  3. CA fruits made it to France! :D How fun! Think of us when you eat them! Ha I have bananas and apples, not original, but at least there's a song named after them! :D

  4. what pretty fruit! so summery and cheerful! I'd love me some cherries right about now!

    hope you're well! xoxo


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