Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thursday morning

It's really early, just after 6 a.m., and the house is quiet. The kettle is boiling and in a minute or two I will make the tea and put a pot of coffee on. Everyone will get up, and the rush {and noise} will begin. We have to be out the door just after 7:30 a.m. today. Thank goodness for these quiet moments, and for the tulips at the end of our path. I must remember to stop and smell them on the way past. At the start of a crazy day, when I am overwhelmed with my list of things to do, tea and tulips are just the thing I need to remind me that life is good, and this too shall pass.

Aren't they beautiful?

Happy Thursday! Have a good day, wherever you are...

PS: The tulips are lovely, but even better are the lilacs, due to start blooming any day now!


  1. oh i am a big fan of tulips. although, we only get them for a week or two when dannon brings a bunch home. i would love to have them growing outside my window to enjoy all season! just lovely...

  2. Hope you remember to stop and smell the tulips! Tea and tulips sounds like a lovely way to start off the day. I keep dreaming of gardening. Now if only it would warm up!

  3. I love seeing these popping up everywhere! I wish we had planted more around our house...

  4. I'm glad you could enjoy some quiet time! those are quite beautiful tulips too. Just lovely! They look like the colors of a sunset.

  5. Thanks for the early-bird post & the lovely tulips! Hope you've had a good Thursday. XOXO!

  6. Remembering to stop and appreciate the little things can help so much. They are beautiful flowers and I know that I have to start a garden.

    Glad you got the postcards too!

  7. Oooh the colors on these is just lovely. Hope you have a delicious weekend, Erin!

  8. Those quiet moments in the morning are precisely why I wake up at 5am most days (though I slept in twice this week -- once until 6am, today until 5:50am). It's my time to slow down and appreciate the morning sunrise, the new day, and all the wonderful things in my life.


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