Wednesday, May 04, 2011

London Loves: Buckingham Palace

Watching the Royal Wedding just reminded me of how much I love the stretch of London between Trafalgar Square and Buckingham Palace. I love the Mall, with St James' Park running alongside it. It's a busy street, but it's quite beautiful, from Admiralty Arch, straight down to the Palace at the other end. Everything about it is just so... royal!

A much younger me, Buckingham Palace, August 2001

Boys and the Palace, August 2010 {just behind the gold bit of that fence, right in the centre, is the balcony where William and Kate kissed last Friday!}

The Queen's Guard {one of many}

Heading for the statue of Queen Victoria {namesake of our city}

We like to climb up on the statues in London. From here the boys stood up to wave up at the Queen. They were convinced she was in one of the Palace windows, waving back... "There she is!" Sawyer shouted. Love. It.

Buckingham Palace is nice, but it's got nothin' on Hampton Court Palace. That place is beyond fantastic! Have you been to either? What did you think?


  1. eee, thats so cute about the Queen waving :) your pictures are making me miss London too. I can't believe I didn't have my cameras when I lived there - imagine the pictures I could have taken...

  2. Great pictures! Thanks for a taste of London! My husband's mom is from there and family still lives there so hopefully one day we'll be able to visit.

  3. There was a time when you didn't have cameras, Rhianne? I can't believe that!

  4. aw, your boys are too cute, waving at the queen. ;) i went to buckingham palace back in... 2003? yeah. it was a pretty fun trip, but my favorite place was edinburgh and st. andrews. gorgeous cities!

  5. great pics! we're hoping to sail across the pond one day to visit family in london. hubby spent a few years of his childhood there.

  6. I'm sure the Queen was waving back at such cuteness such as this.

    Seeing your pictures really make me want to visit. I haven't travelled there before and I desperately want to.

    I do hope your postcards come soon. x

  7. Gracie- they came today! Just read them a few minutes ago actually! Thank you and I'll post about your cards and Karolina's in the next day or two.


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