Monday, May 16, 2011

Much Love Monday

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It's been a while now since I've done a Much Love Monday post. Too busy with all my scenes from the weekends, I suppose. But hell... why not do both? And so, without further ado, things I am loving on this rainy Monday:
  • My guest post on Rhianne's beautiful blog, For the Easily Distracted {pop over and see what's distracting me these days?}
  • A big jug of lilacs on my coffee table... mmm, they smell good!
  • Dylan's paintings- big and bright and swirly
  • Reading Roald Dahl aloud to the boys
  • The teeniest patch of blue sky gives me hope for sunny days to come
  • Parenthood got renewed for a third season! Yay!
  • My brand new custom address stamp from lettergirl... I am so excited to send letters now, with my return address in the most gorgeous font stamped on the back of every envelope!
  • My top-secret job assignment for September {I'm looking forward to the fall already...}
  • The dress I found at the mall on Friday night, perfect for pretty much every occasion, and a lot like the Red Robin dress by Emersonmade that I'd been dreaming of all week. Take a look:

Pretty fabulous, right? But at $228 plus shipping, way out of my budget...

Also fabulous. Slightly different, but enough like dress #1 that I had to try it on right away. It fit like a glove, looked really good, and at $56 was definitely in my price range. And so I bought two! One red, one black! Whee! I can't wait to wear them both.

So, despite the incessant rain, things are good. There's a lot to love this Monday. How about you? Are you feelin' the love? Be sure to visit Much Love Anna and link up!


  1. i just left a wee comment over on rhianne's blog. :) i love your much love monday posts. Roald Dahl is one of my favorites, way to find a great dress on the cheap!, and i can't wait to hear about your secret assignment. if it thrills you, than i'm thrilled too. happy monday!

  2. Oh, so much goodness, Erin! how do you do it? I want to hear more about this top-secret job assignment. Like now. And the lilacs, oh the lilacs. Inhale deeply for me, will you? I can't get them here (at least at a price I can afford) anymore.

    Off to check off your guest post now!

  3. I think the dress is gorgeous and it's cute that you bought two of them and why not if you love them.

    You are loving lots of things. It's so great to see your happy list. I need to go back to Much Love Monday I think.

    I will have to check out your guest post :) Have a happy week.

  4. It's always good to find clothes that looks like something you dreamt of but couldn't afford:) Love the dresses, I can understand why you would need one in both colors:)

  5. So many wonderful things to brighten your day! Great dress!

  6. Aah, lilacs, heavenly.

    And yay to Roald Dahl, he was one of my favourite childhood authors, and I still go back to his books when I am having a grey day, perfect escapism with all those fantastical characters.

  7. Those dresses seem so very you! I love the color.

    Lilacs are probably my favorite summer flower. We had them in our yeard growing up so they always make me happy :)

  8. I am SO EXCITED about Parenthood. And new dresses are always a reason to celebrate!

  9. gorgeous dresses (perfect for summer!) that will look cute on your figure. Photos please!!! i believe in little treats... especially on a steal!

    i was just going to say claire has been raving about "parenthood" and then her comment is above mine ;) kismet! i really need to get on it-- i love being "lost" (pun for you!) in a new show.

    i swoon at you reading one of my favorite childhood authors to your boys... i swoon at the thought of one day doing the same!

  10. ps. also forgot to mention i LOVE your guest post over at rhianne's... so you!

    and can't wait to see your return address stamp!


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