Tuesday, May 17, 2011


...this fabulous card from Saplingpress, given to me by Cass, and sent off straightaway to Em! I love it. It's part of a fantastic line, one of an entire series of "We go together like..." cards. I especially like "We go together like Milli and Vanilli." Ha! Girl, you know it's true...

I love Etsy. I could spend all day on it, perusing my favourite shops and discovering new ones. The paper shops are a serious weakness of mine. What about you? Are you on Etsy? Please do leave a link in the comments. I'd love to see what you "heart" too.

* You may have seen this post before. Before it was eaten up and spat back in bits by Blogger last week! Man, that was stressful. I'm still not over it ;~)


  1. Yes! I love fun note cards like this! Definitely going to check out this shop! :)

  2. I do remember this post but I still love it. That card is just perfect! Oh how much I adore Etsy.

    I will email soon about the snail mail group. But I have put a post up about it :)

  3. Oh I'm so glad that you sent off your card to Em ... I had a feeling you might, and it would be perfect for her indeed.

    I got Sam the "We go together like Bob Ross and happy trees" and have tucked it away til our anniversary ... as for he and I that IS perfect!


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