Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dear sunshine and blue skies,

Thank you, thank you for finally turning up today! For being in the forecast for the rest of the week. For inspiring us to get outside all afternoon, and convincing us that ice cream was in order. 

Mmm boy, was it ever good!

The long, grey winter really got to me. And the cold, wet spring has sort of sucked. This summery stuff is more like it! To sit outside on the grass in my skirt and flip-flops was total bliss. To watch the kids play in the water table, get soaked, and not have to worry about them catching pneumonia? Such a relief! Thank you, sunshine and blue skies. You are awesome! I'd kiss you if I could.

And now, I have a favour to ask... The long weekend is coming up. We're making plans. Outdoor ones. So, won't you please, please stick around? {c'mon, don't make me beg!}

Love, E xo


  1. you are as adorable as those hats!


  2. I hope the sun and warm weather stays around for you. This is why you should come to Brisbane. We have lovely warm weather ;)

  3. ice cream!!! oh boy, i know what you mean. it was so sunny and hot here a couple weeks ago, but lately it has been cold and rainy. very bizarre for LA in may. this weekend is a big outdoor music/arts festival that our friends have put together and i'm hoping, praying, sending up sun dances that it stays dry and beautiful over the weekend. i'm so ready to just have a full-on hot summer already!

  4. I'm so happy that you have sunshine and blue skies... and ICE CREAM! Can you please send some my way? :)

  5. Ice cream is a must when it's nice out, isn't it? Glad to see you got to enjoy it with two adorable little boys (those hats!).

    I am welcoming spring with open arms...bring on the sunshine! Especially since it was snowing in our part of the world less than a month ago!

  6. please send a bit of that sun on east...we're in desperate need of a pick me up!

  7. After two days of rain, we finally have some sun here again too. I'm hoping it sticks around so I can get outside and have some adventures this weekend as well.

  8. Are those DQ cones? Yum.

    So glad the weather is finally being cooperative. Fingers crossed it stays sunny for you all long weekend! XOXO!


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